Root Canals, Cockroaches, Congress, Gonorrhea and Lindsay Lohan…

Lindsay LohanWhile applying to Mensa never occurred to me, I did convince a professor to grant a decent grade in Logic 101. It’s possible he had been drinking, but he did it. And still, there are some fairly straightforward things that keep slipping from my mental grasp.

Congress, for one. Foisted upon us via the sacred Constitution by our revered Founders to dwell in hoped-for perpetuity in a fairy-tale white castle upon a hill. A hill sitting in a lovely landscape that they tell me was once a swamp. Well, that fits, its’ a swamp still, just now a different sort. And after reading about Congressfolk robbed at gunpoint on the Capitol steps (true role reversal), I learned that it’s also a high crime area, though that seems true any time more than one Congressperson is in the same room.

Which last may contribute to the paucity of Congressional fan clubs. Have you ever noticed how practically everybody plus a lot of objects these days, has fan clubs? Actors, dancers, musicians, sports teams, tennis players, military units, almost everybody or group with any kind of personality can scrape together enough fans for a club. But have you ever heard of a Congressional fan club? I haven’t. It sounds to me, in fact, like some sort of oxymoron. Regardless though, some pollster went ahead,  apparently in a weak moment on a slow day, and polled Congressional popularity. Root Canal Beats Congress explains the findings. Most preferred a root canal, cockroaches or lice over Congress, though they grudgingly accepted Congress ahead of the Ebola virus, gonorrhea or actress Lindsay Lohan.

Congress, some 98% of the scalawags governing our 315 or so millions, is evidently not much admired. Looking at what those people are doing to the country’s economy while making themselves wealthy seems justification enough to me, though personally I might quibble over gonorrhea and the Ebola virus. But there it is, from professional pollsters. Which brings me to the part I don’t get.

If that’s what people really think of Congressfolk, (and I believe it, myself) then where are all the voters who keep returning these grifters to their scams, election after election?  Are all those voting machines actually connected to something? Do all votes pass through Chicago on their way to be ‘counted’? Are the voting booths equipped with black boxes that seize control of our minds as we enter the booths? I don’t know; as stated earlier here, I can’t seem to grasp it, somehow. I guess I’m just not smart enough for this. Maybe you can explain it? You needn’t explain Lindsay Lohan, though; I get that.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Root Canals, Cockroaches, Congress, Gonorrhea and Lindsay Lohan…

  1. Still chuckling. Thanks for starting the day out with a (shrug) laugh.

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