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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Siphoned from the passing newstream for you to sip: Trucks will cost more to operate in 2017 as new EPA air pollution regulations tighten. (Who’s gonna pay?) University roommates  play out their drama-queen confrontation in court. (Entitled daughters of the … Continue reading

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Are “Retirees” About To Become Extinct? (One Way Or Another … )

Retirement is when one is unable to work anymore, but has not yet died. That is in many ways, inconvenient. It is inconvenient for retirees, who continue to require food, clothing and shelter but are no longer able to earn … Continue reading

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What Has the Federal Reserve Done For Us Lately?

The Democrats and Republicans call their free campaign pitches “debates” these days; if they were labeled honestly, who would pay attention? Tuesday night, the Democrats were in full campaign mode, promoting free goodies in all directions. Free to the recipients, … Continue reading

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America’s Public Trough For Retired Presidents

Former President Truman drove himself and his wife back to Missouri at the end of his term without significant wealth; financial troubles followed. Congress taking note, voted succeeding Presidents some help from the taxpayers. Former President Clinton, with access to lucrative … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Our weekly accumulation of likely and unlikely reality presented for your evaluation, confusion and amusement or just so you can feel that your were right all along… The ‘Knockout Game’ nailed a cyclist. More in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. How … Continue reading

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Dognapping, Retirement, and Are You OK; the President Is!

Sometimes, it can be fun to line up a bunch of news reports on varied subjects, just to see what falls out. For example, we learned this recently from folks who worry about pets: Dognapping Up 70%. We conclude from this … Continue reading

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Exporting Grandmothers…

Few know that our modern Germany didn’t exist before 1871 and fewer still realize that it created the social welfare model now taken for granted in Europe and North America. Social Security as we know it in America is a … Continue reading

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