How, in America We’re Entitled While in Spain, They Must be Nuts?

Gimme What I Want!

Gimme What I Want!

Tell me please, who is the sickest nutcase? The politician spending 40% more public money than is available, or the ranting, raving street demonstrator insisting that he do so? Everybody in Spain knows the country is broke; we even know it here in the U.S, though somehow, we’ve failed to notice that so are we. Nevertheless, as soon as the Spanish government started to address its debt/spending morbidity, a white tide of healthcare workers hit the streets, dead set against privatizing their cushy state ‘industry’ to restore its financial reality. They know the government must cut spending; they’re ok with that…so long as the cuts don’t apply to them. Spanish Healthcare Workers Protest will provide details. Gives substance to that old: “Physician, heal thyself!”

Of course, that’s in Spain; we know Spaniards are too excitable (or is that Italians?) unlike say, level-headed Americans who rely on packs of union thugs and unemployed Occupiers for public statements in the streets. Americans who’ve been kept afloat on a pumped-up flood of unemployment benefits, food stamps and disability benefits flowing from the Congressional Intensive Care Unit, the Fed’s funny money department. That has accomplished two things: It has let the economy pretend it still has blood flowing through it and it has kept desperate throngs from filling the streets, hungry and cold. But  government must take that monetary blood from the economy before it can transfuse it back; the entire project is only a redistribution of resources from productive private use to charitable but unproductive government use with a built-in time lag. It allows the politicians to camouflage the damage a bit longer but it does nothing to improve the conditions.

This slowly-festering economic sepsis proceeds unacknowledged in public; which is like a powerful ruler claiming health in public while bits of him keep falling off, similar to what we’ve been seeing in Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who will be immortal until the day he dies.

But who’s really nuts, here? The lying pols who are preserving their power and privileges or the government beneficiaries demanding that $1.46 continues to be spent for every $1.00 that comes in?

We are become a nation of spoiled children who have allowed the franchise to be given to the feckless and uninvested who have no stake in the economy but what they can take from it. And we are receiving what such attitudes have ever provided, courtesy of reality. Or as it was summed up long before our time: “Who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind.”

Sorry, didn’t set out to be preachy. I’ll try to do better next time…but meantime, show me where this is wrong…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to How, in America We’re Entitled While in Spain, They Must be Nuts?

  1. Argus says:

    Obviously it’s wrong. I twigged years ago and predicted the collapse of the USA (and the rest of us with it) because—to quote me—”Money has to have meaning”.

    Silly moi, it’s obvious now that all ‘they’ have to do is keep on (a) selling bonds (no shortage of buyers, why is that?) and (b) keep printing all the money they need. So long as you can run a press you can make money, and everyone loves money, no? Face it Jack—they’ve got it licked.

    You and I are doom-saying dodos, we need to get our heads out of the sand and embrace the future …

    • jackcurtis says:

      Well, ok…you’re right because that’s what’s happening…until you become wrong because events happen differently, seems to me. Recalling parallel events back in the Weimar Republic and more recently, in Zimbabwe. I suspect it’s like boxing: An average big guy doesn’t always beat up a good little guy,,,but that’s the way to bet. I believe our pols (both parties) are riding a tiger. The only way that comes off well is: they must outlive the tiger. And that doesn’t seem the way to bet!

      Some bond folk have said that, since the world is now a single market where many are worse off than the U.S. is presently perceived, AND since the world’s banks are all in a cartel of sorts, and since they have to do something with the money, the U.S. is the ‘any port in a storm’ nominee, for now. But I’d love to know how much is honest, voluntary acquisition and how much is Helicopter Ben & co.

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