Dancing Politicians Just Look Silly …(Especially When They’re Elephants)

Dancing elephantThe House Republicans voted to sue the President; the House Democrats voted against that. These are the people presently conducting the governance of these United (sort of) States. We should not be abandoning God with such goings-on in play; we need His help, desperately.

You cannot sue the U.S. Government unless it agrees to be sued; it is a sovereign. In line with that, its minions have immunity conferred by their positions so far as lawful conduct of government is concerned. Most of the Congress being lawyers, that is no secret.

Let’s say that the case isn’t thrown out up front for any of those reasons. Say there is a plausible case that the Prez is breading the law but you don’t want the Constitutional remedy of impeachment. Come back for your trial in a year or two, right? And then again in a few more years for the ultimately Supreme Court review, assuming the case isn’t dropped or tossed out along the way. Mr. Obama then will be playing golf in Hawaii or Palm Springs or wherever he actually settles and a new President will be in the White House.

This entire Dance of Fools is political theater, played for the cheap seats. All it tells us is that our governors think we’re fools. Since we elected them, they’re likely correct. When Congress seriously wants to prevent any particular Presidential action, it simply denies funding. When Congress seriously wants to impress a witness who won’t testify, it enforces incarceration for contempt of Congress; it has had its own jail until recently.

So the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious (the Justice Dept. gun-running, remember?) and all the scandals du jour along with Presidential overreach of various stripes are not being taken seriously by Congress. The stuff is used for electioneering but no real action is taken. We are played for suckers. Especially visible when one notes that the actions for which the House GOP plans to sue the Prez are actions that Speaker Boehner plans to fund.

It is all about power and handing it back and forth without losing any of it, sort of like passing a cup of very hot coffee to a dinner companion when each of you is hoping that the other will pick up the check. Except that in this case, no matter which diner gets the coffee, we end with the check. Come November, let’s hope that a bunch of us remember that for a change …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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8 Responses to Dancing Politicians Just Look Silly …(Especially When They’re Elephants)

  1. I am reliably informed that the GOP will soon be suing Bill Clinton for being “too good at politics” and will be suing Tuesday for being “too rainy”

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, maybe that’s what we should expect when we elect a bunch of lawyers … And we can’t deny that they’re “doing something!” Or a sort of something …

  2. The ship of fools is increasingly resembling the Titanic, with the difference those in charge are deliberately looking for the biggest icebergs and heading full-speed ahead towards them, making sure there are only enough lifeboats for themselves. There is only on theory to me that makes sense of the present farcical politics in all Western countries. We are being ruled by gangsters.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      You illuminate an interesting point: Has anyone noted a convergence among such governments at the U.S, the E.U. and say, Russia and China?

      • Definitely. In Europe, Euro-sceptics often draw parallels between how the EU works and the soviet system. The book “The Great Deception: The Secret History of the European Union” Christopher Booker and Dr Richard North describes the string of political deceptions which led to the EU and the methods of progressing by chaos which is used to expand the EU suzerainty. What alarms the older generation, but not the brainwashed kids, is the recognition of the loss of open, accountable government, being replaced by govt by stealth. EU legislation is just rubber-stamped and passed instead of the slow endlessly debated legislation in Parliament which applies to all other legislation. Radical changes are foisted on us instantly, ignored and not examined in the mainstream media. It seems impossible to identify the source of these changes. A similar political formula seems to be being followed in all Western countries. How could separate democracies be following the same political agenda, in every case, against the wishes of the populace?

  3. Jack Curtis says:

    How, indeed? A very cogent question. One possible answer is that the government no longer feels a need to make obeisance to the people, who no longer defend the idea that they are the source of sovereignty. I wonder if this is not a natural process, embedded in human nature?

  4. I think you have a point about it being a natural process. I read a book ages ago – can’t remember the title – which made the point in human institutions there is an optimum size for the process in question. This also applies to countries – and the key feature is population size. Too small and little can be done and there is a high level of intra-group interference. A larger population is optimum, opening up opportunities, and enabling people to have privacy and avoid sabotage from other people. Too large, and govt resorts to crowd control. All those numbers enhance the power of those at the top and amplifies their wealth, while diminishing the power and wealth of everyone else. Power hungry rulers are always trying to increase population to enhance their own power and diminish everyone else’s.

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