Why Blame the President?

LeasershipBlaming the President seems to me, a cop-out by hypocrites. President Obama’s direction was clear before his first election; inarguable by his second and he won twice, standing tall upon his intentions. If anyone is surprised by any of his actions in office, it must be someone deaf, blind and stupid.

The President is faulted for inadequate leadership when he is doing exactly what he proposed to do when campaigning. Yes, he lies to get it done, just as he did on campaign; Judeo-Christian morality is passe’ in favor of ‘situational ethics’ these days, you know. Meaning, whatever works for you is ethical. He hasn’t hidden that, either. And the voters who elected him twice now were exercising that same outlook, weren’t they?

Just as they previously tossed the sanctity of marriage, family  and individual responsibility and in 1973, the right of nascent babies to live if their birth is inconvenient. These aspects of a Christian nation went, taking their implicit Christianity with them and President Obama, attacking Christian beliefs on birth control, abortion and homosexuality, is merely recognizing changes we have already made in our society.

If he has added anything novel to our social mix, it’s his overt disregard of the Constitutional limits on his powers to kill people, search and seize unsupervised and use the resources of government against his opponents. But even here, he rouses little reaction from most voters from what we can see; they seem content withal.

The President has enlarged the Executive Order past its Constitutional designs at the expense of a hapless and paralytic Congress, which sits dumbly watching him do that. a Congress that no longer even reads the bills it passes at its leaders’ behest. One result of that being unworkable bills such as Obamacare; another, the country’s presently failing economic policy.

Again, why blame the President? Congressional overspending is authorized by regular appropriations bills originated in the GOP-controlled House and approved by the Democratically-controlled Senate. Yes, the President appointed the money-manufacturing Federal Reserve’s current leader, but the Senate signed on. And we elected all those Congressfolk, didn’t we? And have been regularly reelecting most of them. Is that Obama’s fault, somehow?

The preceding President initiated most of the salient policies followed by our Obama, he merely ran with them as the next in line usually does in politics, no matter what he says. President Bush went to wars, set up invasive police surveillance and search, expanded spending of nonexistent money to ‘stimulate’ the economy and expanded government medical care; Obama has only advanced those policies. Our present Congress is lining up behind illegal alien amnesty, both parties, with a lick and an unmeant promise to mind the border in the future. (The very far future) And we will reelect many of them again next year, won’t we? So, what’s the honest basis of our complaints? I don’t see any that are honest, just the grousing of sore losers.

See, we have watched our succeeding generations remodel the United States into a very different sort of society since the Progressives attained political power at the end of the 19th century. We saw the flag raised in the Republican administration of Theodore Roosevelt, forwarded by Democrat Woodrow Wilson and pushed into full charge by Franklin D. Roosevelt. We saw the acceleration of Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ with the social anarchy of the 1960’s followed by the ‘liberation’ of stay-at-home moms to the workplace, followed now by the battlefield. And we were content to watch and accept, President Obama did none of that; he’s merely accepting its consequences honestly while we have done so hypocritically. We shouldn’t blame the President for what we have done…and are still doing.

There was an appropriately famous scene in one of the ‘Gidget’ series of teen beach and biker movie.: The leader of a biker gang, watching his band of thugs rushing out of a joint toward their motorcycles lined up in front, said to a bystander: “I am their leader; I must follow them!” President Obama can do no less… .

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  1. the unit says:

    Blame? Already there is less comment on the net. Let’s be thankful there is less trashy material to have to wade through. Round’em up Rawhide! 🙂

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