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Can A Real Revolution Arise Of Revolting Politicians?

There are ordinary and extraordinary revolutions. The ordinary ones replace rulers with different rulers, leaving most else unchanged. Such may be bloody or not, recalling that elections are one of the means for overthrowing rulers. Some revolutions though, are special. … Continue reading

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The Snake Oil of 2016 Elections

A girls’ basketball team was expelled from its league because it won too many games. Clearly, the basis of athletic competition – indeed, of competition itself – has been stood upon its head; the nuts are running the asylum. We … Continue reading

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On Voting: “NO!” For President

You’ve likely noticed: All the power seekers sell the same formula: an earthly utopia that will result from electing them. This will always be funded by somebody else, not you. And the power seeker will see to that. And finally, … Continue reading

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