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Equalizing Dance Inequality With The Stars

TV’s “Dancing With The Stars” pretends to be a ballroom dance competition between various non-dance personalities with professional ballroom dance partners supplied by the show. Ratings have been in decline; it is assumed that the current season will be the … Continue reading

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The Future For Figure Skating Hangs On A Political Curcus (And A Technical Debate)

Figure skating faces an existential financial problem from three directions; unfortunately, that is being snowed under by current ISU and USFSA political circuses. In the midst of these, an interesting technical issue is being publicly debated between legendary champion Janet … Continue reading

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Will Defenestrating Ottavio Cinquanta Fund Figure Skating?

Ice sports face existential problems: They rely upon facilities facing both uncontrollable energy costs and public policy demonizing energy users. Add to that, the families that have provided figure skaters now see declining disposable incomes while the post-competition careers for … Continue reading

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See, This Figure Skating Judge Walked Into A Bookie’s Office …

American government is crooked as a dog’s hind leg from what we can see and you have Chicago, New York and the State of New Mexico available (with others) to study how it works. And yet, U.S. government is pretty … Continue reading

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Olympic Figure Skating: Let’s Boo The Judges!

Figure skating judges seem mostly invisible for three years between Olympics, coming under (rather disapproving) attention only quadrennialy. They are consigned immediately with the closing ceremonies, back to obscurity. Figure skating  is normally invisible these days and booing the judges … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

For Protecting the Poor Sport of Figure Skating From Financial Collapse and Further Annoyance of Its Remaining Audience It is a melancholy object for those who attend to the affairs of patinage artistique or as it is named in English, … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Your Saturday selection; news nuggets to select and consider, or not. the NAACP (Black folks pushing black Democrats) instructed its protesters at the Moral March, (protesting among other things, voter registration ID), that they must have a photo ID on … Continue reading

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The International Skating Union Shoots Itself In The Ice…

The International Skating Union (ISU) announced via Communication 1842 that no member would be allowed to hold international competitions in theatrical skating. Interclub events will be allowed but the ISU will penalize any attempts at an international competition.  Figure skating … Continue reading

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Why On Earth Are There Figure Skaters?

Icd… Ice is cold, wet, slippery and concrete to fall upon. Skates are narrow, providing the maximum opportunity to fall over to either side. Figure skates, designed for masochists by a sadist, follow the circumference of a wheel, adding opportunity … Continue reading

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A Most Remarkable Coincidence? (Can A Minor Sport Channel A Major Government?)

Before TV popularized it, Figure Skating was, along with tennis, the playground of the upper economic strata in America, the forks who belonged to country clubs… a few of which owned ice rinks. Daughters who skated also played tennis and … Continue reading

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