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The driverless vehicle is the Next Big Thing! Or maybe not. Folks are enjoying much pontificating and both Big Auto and Big Tech are handing out news blurbs but we don’t see any such advertised for general sale, anywhere. Nor … Continue reading

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The Long Road And Short Progress Of Homo Sapiens’ History

Most of us are aware at least vaguely, of Rome; an empire some two thousand years in our past. We marvel at its running water, supplied by aqueducts. At its six story apartments, its fast food joints, paved streets and … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Ask For, Mr. O’Reilly!

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was concerned tonight that ISIS has unrestricted access to the Internet for its propaganda and further, that children using the net are unprotected from exposure to much that children, in his view, should not see. We … Continue reading

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Round and Round We Goes, and Where We Comes Out, Nobody Knows …

The Puritan were 17th Century Christian fundamentalists whose female garb would satisfy any Moslem excepting those who insist on faceless females. Down south in Maryland, even Roman Catholics were accepted, something that to a Puritan, was not so far from … Continue reading

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Hey! Nutjobs Shooting Folks Wasn’t in the Script!

Every so often, some nutjob shoots a bunch of people. It occurs everywhere and is inevitably followed by cries for confiscation of guns. Random Murders at Batman Premiere is the latest. Noting the enormously larger numbers offed by drivers, one … Continue reading

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