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Brain Science Contributes Toward More Wine At Dinner…

A scientist in one place used the Internet to control the hand of a second scientist elsewhere. The two brains were connected to the internet by electronic caps the men wore on their heads. That has never been accomplished before. … Continue reading

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November 6th, 2012: A Historical Milestone?

Some Americans are looking fondly at their rumps and saying: “Goodbye!” while others are celebrating Tuesday’s underwhelming Obamafest. Libs are gleefully informing Republicans that they’re done unless they reform by becoming Democrats Lite. Teafolk claim from home, where they stayed … Continue reading

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“Things Could Be Worse,” He Said, And Sure Enough…

What does the success of Obama and his Dems tell us? I dunno, do you? However, there are some things that it doesn’t tell us that matter a lot. Things that, unlike the fuss and bother of the campaign, are … Continue reading

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A Liberal Jew, has Thinking To Do…And Catholics, too!

Jews and Catholics are Democrats, born and bred. White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants are Republicans, likewise. Democrats favor the little guy; Republicans are Wall Street. We know that in our bones… but bubby, it ain’t so no more! It’s what they teach … Continue reading

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