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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Collected from the week: Corruption: How green energy money enriches politicians/supporters at taxpayer cost (Article) The economy: 39% of U.S. families still struggle10 years after recession (Article) (Believable, but how many were struggling before the recession?) More economy: Federal spending … Continue reading

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Getting Real With Obamacare

Congressfolk are evidently struggling with Obamacare, delaying their legislation while hiding it from sight. Obviously, they see themselves in a no-win situation. We can see reasons for this: First, existing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid funding already depended upon borrowing … Continue reading

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Can Private Sector Health Care Take Hold in the U.S.?

$600 toilet seats became famous in WWII, so are tuition and health care today along with everything else provided through government…famous for out-of-reason costs. Obamacare costs are now falling right into that line along with the rest. This still being … Continue reading

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WHO Is Throwing Granny Off That Cliff?

Democrat cartoonists like to draw Republicans tossing Granny off a cliff. Right there, that raises suspicions, right? Doctors are telling us that they’re dropping Medicare patients because the Feds have reduced the amounts paid…so what’s really going on? It’s not … Continue reading

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Our Mysteriously Disappearing Healthcare…(or, Why You Can’t Get an Appointment ’til February)

A big local healthcare fight headlined our city’s newspaper this morning; it made an interesting point. Seems a local HMO group with a hospital, a group medical practice and a captive insurer spun off the doctors’ group, then contracted with it … Continue reading

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ObamaCare’s Proliferation of Warts…

Not only is health care owed us but what constitutes that care is also an ever-expanding menu, at least at the University of California. U.C. Berkely Health Plan Provides Up To $75,000 for Sex Change Operations will explain the latest. Used to … Continue reading

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To Repeal ObamaCare, You Must Repeal Republicans!

ObamaCare repeal isn’t wanted by either Democrat or Republican leaders. Both prefer the government (them) in charge of as much as possible. A Republican Illinois Congressman, Robert J. Dodd, recently wrote his constituents that he would fix the bad parts … Continue reading

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