The Left Ordered, The Lunch Wasn’t Free … And The check Is Coming



Americans believed that life was not fair, that nothing was free and as the ancient scripture puts it: “In the sweat of thy face, shall thou eat bread.” And while receiving little credit for it, Americans believed: “Thou shall treat thy neighbor as thyself.” Those are Christian sure enough, but it wasn’t a belief limited to Christians. It was American. It was so ingrained in Americans that those forced to depend on the government dole, were ashamed of it. And in turn, disrespected by most. We have now switched those standards 189 degrees and accept their opposites.

There may be an eerie significance here; our earth’s magnetic poles have reversed by 180 degrees every so often (Google: Geomagnetic Reversal) and one of those appears to have begun a few years ago. The North Magnetic Pole is in any case, on its way to Siberia as NASA will confirm for you. The leading though disputed, theory expects this to be accompanied by another ice age for North America with perhaps, renewed vulcanism from such ‘supervolcanoes’ as the caldera at Yellowstone. We dunno. But whatever the earth may or may not do, we can see that the U.S. has turned its once Christian society on its head.

The political Left’s problem is that of every utopian in history; it can only bring about its vision of heaven on earth by altering the nature of man. That is to say, by force. And man tends to become grumpy under compulsion. The Right is stuck with demanding that Things must be Restored to past glory when the past has never been as glorious as envisioned. Again, force is required to ‘restore’ what was once normal. These are simply totalitarians with somewhat different targets. For now, the Left is in charge.

Mrs. Obama, unhappy at the kid’s refusal to eat what she has decided is good for them at school, will compel her diet preferences which said kids will duly dump in the trash and either go hungry, defeating the First Lady’s goal, or switch to another source of food. This illustrates one of the reasons that the Left’s programs fail. Meanwhile, the kids’ parents will be treated likewise with respect to the energy they use, the cars they drive and their healthcare, to list a few of many such.

Folk argue over whether these things are: “Socialism” or something else; that misses the point. These are simply what government, unrestrained, does. That is why the Founders tried (and failed) to restrain government.

That old Classical Liberal view embedded by the Founders in the U.S. Constitution, now anathema to today’s Liberals, produced both the American economic miracle (and if you read history, you know that it has been a miracle) and the displaced and impoverished citizens that provided opportunity to the “Progressive” politicians.  “If you see that life is not fair, just elect us; we will make it fair for you.” The same song likely led to what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah. In any case, today’s Americans see life as unfair all right, but rather than expecting to sweat themselves, they expect politicians to change the nature of the material universe so as to relieve them of that onerous duty. The good life will be taken from the rich by government and given freely to everybody. Thy face shall only have to sweat if thee desires to work out in order to reduce thy obesity.

We have freely made this choice at the polls; it has not been forced upon us. And we will pay its price, for the umpteenth time in our mostly ignored, human history. The present failure of the conservative Tea Party to replace the GOP leadership, is telling.

The stock market is setting records to great jubilation; the price of food is doing the same to much less notice. The Federal Reserve is stuck between the traditional rock and hard place; it can continue its course of funny money, destroying the already sinking dollar, or it may raise interest rates and shrink its slush fund of useless reserves, frightening the stock market into its next collapse. A financial Scylla and Charybdis, indeed. We have reached the end of a historical era and of a Liberal political experiment and what is coming will not resemble what we have seen.

Last time this occurred, ti used some thousand years before a new era came to be; we many not have that luxury of time now, particularly if the “Ice Age” proponents turn out to be correct. What we know for sure: Time passes, things change. And the more we change …

So what will come is clear to a point; the ‘entitled’ will howl their rage as their government savior fails to relieve them of reality. They will tear up the streets and destroy what they most need. Those able to learn, will suck it up and go out doing those jobs Americans won’t do to survive. ‘Undocumented immigrants’ will be restored to their old status as illegal aliens and be deported for the lack of work for them, an old scenario in America’s story. The sorting-out will be long and hard; Darwin Awards will dispose of no few. But when the time has passed and the next American society has begun to appear through the fog, it will be a new, unforeseen world for our descendants to inhabit.

And perhaps they will find the way to go out into all that seemingly unused universe out there, continuing and expanding the story of Homo sap. If we do not disappear first …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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