Why Does The Media Want A Howling Mob Over An American In A Mexican Jail On Gun Charges?

Sergeant TahmooressiWhy did the Mexicans arrest an American marine on gun charges is a reasonable question; why we are encouraged to become excited about it is a better one.

U.S. Marine Sergeant Tahmooressi is in jail in Mexico. He was arrested, apparently quite legitimately, for the possession  of three guns, which none disputes is illegal in Mexico. It was a righteous bust. However, the media or at least Fox News, are making a Federal case of it, claiming that Mexico is picking on an American or at least, implying that.

Our Marine has an excuse: He was driving in an area of confusing border signs and simply was confused when he crossed the border. Fox News says that the border signs are not only confusing in the area, but also very small. Fox appears to think that Mexico should tell the Sergeant that he’s a naughty boy and send him home. Fox is seemingly attempting to make the case into an International Incident, with the Sergeant cast as the American Hero. Maybe he is.

More to the point though, how does it matter that he is either American or a Marine? Seems to us, either he was in Mexico with guns, or he wasn’t. If he was, why does it matter who he is? Does Mexican law not apply to Americans and/or Marines? Well, we note that some American laws don’t seem to apply to Mexicans, so maybe that’s a consideration …

The thing is, we don’t know.  We have learned that the Sergeant has been in the area before. We aren’t sure why. We don’t know why he had three guns in his car nor why he became lost this time after evidently, more successful forays earlier. Nor do we know whether the Mexicans regularly arrest such cases or if they usually just send them home. We are then, ill informed by our news media.

This signals to us in these days, that we are likely being played. We can only guess why that would be so in this extended factual drought but it fits. We hear that, with his Mexican court date coming up, the Sergeant has fired his Mexican lawyer. We don’t

know why.

To our cynical sensibilities, this seems a classic case of media mind molding for political purposes. Fox is perhaps a bit more hones about its leanings and its news is a bit more balanced than most of the rest, but it is certainly not neutral in the political wars. And today, everything is politicized.

We are clearly intended to rise up in righteous indignation that an American Hero is being victimized by the dastardly Mexicans. Well, maybe so; a Mexican Army patrol caught on the U.S. side of the border recently held American Border Patrol officers at gunpoint. Things become pretty murky along the border, sometimes. We should remember that.

The problem with our imprisoned Marine, is that we’re being chivvied into joining a mob of anti-Mexican protesters by folks feeding us propaganda rather than facts. We’d like to know how many other Americans are in ail in Mexico, for instance, and why. It’s bad when our politicians do it; it’s worse when it comes from our media. Manipulated citizens cannot remain free, which is why our Founders tried to empower a free press with protections in the Constitution.

What do you do when the Constitutionally protected press joins the politicians or some interest group, instead of the citizens?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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