She’s 16, He’s 41; The Cops Arrested Him For Statutory Rape: But They’re Married!

Child BrideWe wonder sometimes, why more people don’t seem to wonder. To wonder why the government is involved in some things. For instance, a middle-aged suspect (41) has been arrested for sex with a 16 year old. And yes, the old one is a guy and the young one is a girl. We guess that if both had been male, there’d have been no story …

As it is though, the young girl is the middle-aged guy’s wife, all legal and her mom was a witness. However, the wedding happened after the couple were stopped by a traffic cop. We have no idea what actually occurred, but we suppose that, given a decent writer, a producer and a sponsor, it would have supported an entire season of “reality” TV.

From the available information, no one is complaining. Only the cops decided to arrest the now husband for what may have occurred before the wedding. All right, for what very likely occurred before the wedding. But it seems from what we’re being told, that the mom or the girl and her mom, took care of it the best they could, while the guy manned up. And the cops ringing in at this point, aren’t making things any better.

If anything, they’re compromising the now husband’s ability to provide for the new wife, whom the cops are probably claiming to be ‘protecting.’ And if she’s pregnant, (unstated) they’re really making things a lot more difficult for both mom and expected kid. So why is the government sticking its nose in here at all?

That is to us, one of the primary negatives about government; it really isn’t about the welfare of its citizens, though it pretends to be so. Yes, we get that generally,  kids need some protection from predatory adults. But 16 isn’t that young and here, the family – and the guy – handled it. Our opinion; you’re not required to agree (We’re not government!).

Our question stands: The government has attacked a perfectly legal and maybe even productive union for no possible gain to anyone that we can see. Unfortunately, we see this as not unusual for government; it’s one of our reasons for disliking that institution.

Are we missing something here? Is there some principle involved that we don’t see? Or is government just screwing with innocent folks’ lives as we prefer to see it?

Your call.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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