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The U.S. Left, its media and school teachers are prostituting the recent Florida psychotic’s attack on a school in hope of arousing a successful lynching of American gun ownership. The wish is to substitute emotion for thought by blaming the … Continue reading

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Figure Skating As A Head Game?

Sports followers have notice that head injuries are creeping up the visibility ladder all over the place. Back a while, the term: “punch-drunk” used to accompany older boxers; the sport’s iconic Joe Lewis’ retirement years were as iconic as he. … Continue reading

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Is Boston’s Big Bang A Beginning?

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) kill perfectly innocent people regularly in Russia, China, Central Asia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, the Philippines,  north and central Africa and elsewhere. The overwhelming majority of this is perpetrated by murderous Moslems. The Americas have been mostly … Continue reading

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Exposing the Irresponsible, Anti-Gun Con Game

Wake up! Your life  and your kids’ lives are at risk! Pretending to protect you, your Liberal leaders are aimed at taking our guns, leaving us all at the mercy of madmen wielding knives! Knives are much more dangerous than … Continue reading

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Pets, Kids, Seatbelts and the State of New Jersey

Buckle Up Your Dog or Cat or Face Fines explains New Jersey’s latest Nannyism-at-gunpoint. The state somehow seems so far to have overlooked issuing orders for transported birds, fish and snakes. This is done in the name of safety naturally, though … Continue reading

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