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The U.S. Left, its media and school teachers are prostituting the recent Florida psychotic’s attack on a school in hope of arousing a successful lynching of American gun ownership. The wish is to substitute emotion for thought by blaming the … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Seven days further on, for your consideration … Microsoft–mighty Microsoft–will lay off 18,000 people over the next year. First, consider why Microsoft might do that. Then know that financial folk are seeing a huge boom in M and A (mergers … Continue reading

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Your Federal ‘Servants’ Are Grabbing For The Internet Again

Perhaps the greatest changes in the history of human government are flowing from invisibly small electrons. The impact of the cell phone and the internet has frightened the liver out of governments worldwide. The ones that is, that have not … Continue reading

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Cops Don’t Need No Damn Due Process’ Anymore (Supreme Court)

The important story in today’s newspaper was: “High Courst OK’s Ban On Race As Admissions Factor.” In a box to one side of the page, together with other secondary stories, was: “”High Court: Anonymous Tip OK.  This advertised the editors’s … Continue reading

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History, The Spoils System, Civil Service … And Buyer’s Regrets

the IRS is demanding the list of contributors to a Ron Paul group. Apparently the agency’s pursuit of non-Democrat political groups continues without Lois Lerner to head it. We note that Ms. Lerner has so far, thumbed her nose at … Continue reading

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Do You Trust Congress With Your Cell Phone And The Internet?

Two highly political technology stories merit  a lot more attention than the once watchdog and now lapdog media are providing. These have to do with cellphones and the Internet. Re the cellphones, industry lobbyists are pressing Congresfolk, who need pressing … Continue reading

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Are Today’s Police The Citizens’ Protectors?’

You’re a citizen; are the cops still on your side? The L.A. police cars when I was a kid, said on their doors: “To serve and to protect” and we believed it. Decades later in Albuquerque, a local front page … Continue reading

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The NDAA 2014 and a Jailed Teen to Think About

We wrote yesterday about the NDAA 2014, the annual update on government defense spending. We wrote about the Act’s standing provision authorizing the President to order the military to secretly or publicly seize and indefinitely imprison Americans and others without … Continue reading

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Is the TSA Channeling German History?

During WWII, a common movie scene featured Nazi police stopping civilians on the street, demanding their “papers.” People had to carry written permission to leave their assigned territories. Americans watching shook their heads; such things could never happen in the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Hate Government But You Can Hate White Folks (and Their Kids)

Federal FBI and other enforcers descended upon an ex Marine at his home and took him away in handcuffs because he wrote anti-government on his Facebook page. Not kidding; here’s the story: Former Marine Rhetoric. The Rutherford Foundation has supplied him … Continue reading

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