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Figure Skating, Economics and Sex, Updated

Figure skating has been contradictory since its origin, created as a dance form by American danseur noble Jackson Haines and wrested into athletic competition by expanding its jumps. It has never been certain whether it is more sport or art, … Continue reading

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America’s Figure Skating Faces A Hard Landing

In a recent article, George Rossano pointed to the Russian dominance and American retreat from the top international placements. His observation defines the near future of the sport for very apparent reasons. Figure skating is too difficult, too expensive and … Continue reading

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Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Bits and pieces of the recent reality (and unreality) of human experience, arrayed for your information and analysis. A tapestry of current human affairs … The Khorosan Islamic terrorist group that President Obama felt a need to attack in Syria … Continue reading

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What Color Medals Will America’s Davis And White Win At Sochi?

Ice dancers aren’t supposed to perform jumps; I suppose that is intended to distinguish them from pairs who do perform jumps, often badly. But that is now true of single skaters as well, of course. Competition has been upping the … Continue reading

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Figure Skating Officialdom: How Ya Gonna Pay For your Habit?

The sport has been schizophrenic since someone grafted dancer Jackson Haines’ ice ballet onto the gentleman’s pastime of drawing figures on ice. Writers asked: Is this art or sport? Are those judges picking the best athlete or the outstanding artist? … Continue reading

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Dopey Delusions About Drug-Free Jocks

Major League Baseball has listed more players under drug investigation, shortly after suspending Ryan Braun for the rest of the season. Record winning cyclist Lance Armstrong was hounded and brought down for drugging via coerced testimony without ever failed drug … Continue reading

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Figure Skating As A Head Game?

Sports followers have notice that head injuries are creeping up the visibility ladder all over the place. Back a while, the term: “punch-drunk” used to accompany older boxers; the sport’s iconic Joe Lewis’ retirement years were as iconic as he. … Continue reading

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