New Jersey Students: Strange Doings In Black and White

Black and WhiteFranklin High School, the White Girls’ Club and a boy suspended for his posts on the Internet are a peculiar stew, cooked up following a local newspaper’s story. White Girls Club will provide details. 

Seems a boy was suspended for posting pictures of chimps labeled as “Hallway at Franklin High” or something like that. And–Gasp!–photos of a Confederate flag, predicting that the South Will Rise Again. We’re not told, but I at least, assume that Franklin High is well supplied with black students. 

The problem extended beyond the boy however; apparently there existed, or was thought to exist, something called: “The White Girls’ Club” as well. Which did, or didn’t, connect to the suspended boy. And some or one or all of these girls posted online too.

In response, apparently, to the news story, the Principal of Franklin High rose up to save his institution from these savages: After the boy was suspended, an investigation by experts in racism, bullying, insensitivity and whatever resulted in the school ordering the girls into counseling. What that would amount to wasn’t tied down exactly. But ordered to undergo counseling. Reporters following up in search of more definitive details were unsuccessful, they said. After this much got out, nobody seemed to be talking any more. 

A fascinating microcosm of today’s American racial divide as seen by a public school. And perhaps, more informative of public ‘education’ than of racial attitudes. While unsatisfactory in many ways, the limited information we’re given is useful in the questions it raises for those who follow matters racial.

1. Did the suspended boy and the counseled girls demonstrate ‘racist’ attitudes at school? 

2. What was the difference that suspended the boy and only ‘counseled’ the girls? 

Assuming from the sparse facts that there was no at-school misbehavior, what business of the school was any of this? Students expressing opinions, including politically incorrect ones, on the public internet are not under school jurisdiction, are they? Or are schools now enforcing thought control outside of school precincts? The report doesn’t seem an overt attack on Franklin High. 

If a student were to form a Black Supremacy group online and call it say, the Black Panther Cubs with albino monkeys labeled: “Halls of Franklin High”, would that be a news story followed by suspension and counseling? You judge. I doubt it; we’re into the dog bites man versus man bites dog thing here, right?

School jurisdiction over students used to be justified by a legal doctrine: “In loco parentis.” that means that the school, during the school day, was granted the authority to act that centered the rest of the time in the students’ parents. But these days, courts have been, without legislation, creating a new doctrine that confers authority on schools that supersedes that of the parents. And one result of that is school administrators assuming jurisdiction over students entire behavior, in and out of school as the instant cases suggest may be happening in New Jersey. In simpler words, the schools show signs of becoming the student thought police. The do seem more effective when they do such things than when they merely try to educate, seems to me. But again, you judge.

The question is not really so much whether the given internet behavior was done from school or not. The issue seems rather, is the school to educate kids or to brainwash them into the fashionable social attitudes as defined by politicized ‘educators’ who seem unable to educate far too many of them? And I will leave that answer too, to you to decide. 

As you answer these, remember that such answers have consequences…

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2 Responses to New Jersey Students: Strange Doings In Black and White

  1. elusiveglacier says:

    When I was growing up in school, I had black friends, white friends, Hispanic friends, Asian friends… I had all types of friends. I wish this for our children but unfortunately racism is only getting worse. I see it myself. The black exploitation websites such as “ghetto failure” and the memes of the differences between races, the constant joking about racial differences… It’s driving our youth to be racist.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Our governors encourage some to believe others owe them and set obstacles in front of still others while opening gates for a few that must be jumped by many. Seems to me, this sort of uneven playing field leads to and reinforces, resentments and envy.. Our government preaches equality but practices inequality. That doesn’t help, as I see things…

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