High School Girls, Boys and One Gay Legislator…

Girls; Gym ClassThe difference between girls and boys, a playground for artists for centuries, has been laid to rest by the California Assembly. There isn’t any. The link: Girls & Boys will provide details, at least for the Land of Fruits and Nuts as the once Golden State is popularly characterized. By which, mind, I mean no disrespect to those sexually or mentally challenged. I number both among my friends and respect them much more than politicians.

Here, we are dealing with California politicians, none of whom are among my friends, so they are fair game. And those in the California Assembly have just passed a bill that mandates schools in the state to authorize girls who wish to play on boys’ sports teams to do so while any boys wishing to play with the girls may do that. And since that is not enough when the Left is on a tear, each may as wished, use the dressing rooms and restrooms of the other. Right, you got it and I’m not making this up; visit the link.

Of course, the Golden State Senate may perform its function of dragging its feet or the Liberal Governor may have an attack of common sense and veto this but since it’s California, do you wish to bet?

When I was in high school (no, no dinosaurs grazing the infield) the girls didn’t like gym classes or most sports and turned out for P.E.behind a high hedge in long ‘shorts’ and high-necked, sloppy fitting blouses that made them about as attractive as say, a flock of chickens. Nevertheless, we boys peeked to the extent possible (minimal). We would have loved the power to just add ourselves to their dressing (and especially, UNdressing) room.

There may have been girls who would have liked to enter our own quarters but if so, we never suspected it. Girls, in those days, ruled us by our own glands and they knew it. Oddly enough, hardly any of them ever became pregnant before graduation, either. Nor needed an abortion.

But all that has been tossed by the California legislators; boys’ and girls’ games and quarters will now be interchangeable at will if this passes the Senate and is signed by the Gov. Progress, right?

All I can do is lament my timing; I was a lousy baseball player, too small for football, too short for basketball and only adequate at track. With this, I could try for the softball team (field hockey might be too rough). And thinking of the mandatory showers after P.E. classes…! But it’s too late for me.

The gym teachers then were all women (more or less) for the girls and men (pretty much) for the boys; I wonder how this new legislation will deal with that? Perhaps recruiting for P.E. teachers is about to become a lot easier?

In the historical romances I read as an oversexed, underfulfilled boy (the standard model then) they had what was referred to as a ‘chastity belt’ which allegedly dated from the Crusades, when Lords left their ladies at home while galavanting off to the Holy Land to kill Saracens. These were locked in place and supposed to prevent unauthorized use of as it were, the facilities in the Lord’s absence. This of course, gave rise to the famous: “Love Laughs at Locksmiths’ quote. Well, famous in my generation.

This should be interesting if it progresses. Maybe they won’t have to plant hedges between the boys’ and the girls’ athletic fields anymore…those hedges had holes in them, anyway.

Per the report, the legislator sponsoring the bill is gay. One wonders what’s his point?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to High School Girls, Boys and One Gay Legislator…

  1. the unit says:

    Those were the times. I remember them well. Too young to be of the “Greatest Generation” and then too old to be a “Boomer.” I could add what courage it took to approach the pharmacist in those days to buy condums. But I won’t. A story I’ll keep to myself. 🙂 How could anyone who buys OTC or receives from government be able to appreciate?

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