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Personal Safety In Higher Education…

Gonzaga is a Catholic college in the State of Washington, which appears also to be a State of Mind. Two senior students, it seems, discovered an intruder attempting entry into their quarters. The intruder, it was discovered later, had a … Continue reading

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Our Prez Wants His Dessert Before His Dinner (With His New College Program)

Almost a third of our current high school grads sitting for college entry exams, failed them, according to the company that gives the national tests. In Florida, the failures reached 81%. As this was reported, President Obama spoke in Buffalo … Continue reading

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New Jersey Students: Strange Doings In Black and White

Franklin High School, the White Girls’ Club and a boy suspended for his posts on the Internet are a peculiar stew, cooked up following a local newspaper’s story. White Girls Club will provide details.  Seems a boy was suspended for posting pictures … Continue reading

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How the Progressives Swindled Kids Into College…or, How Something for Nothing Becamd Nothing for Something

For a long time, kids good at academics went on to college; others took shop courses, mechanical drawing and other less intellectual programs. The college kids waited longer to start careers and many of them–not all–earned more than those with … Continue reading

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Would You Believe: L.A. Schools Blindfold 4th Graders in Reading Classes?

We know Johnny can’t read and we know L.A.’s schools are consistently among the worst at teaching him. But who would have thought even an LA Unfed school would teach 4th graders reading by blindfolding them? I have to be kidding, … Continue reading

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