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Florida School Shooting Responses: Record Nonsense

It is difficult to decide whether the media’s intellectual flatulence or the politicians’ hypocritical bombast is the more repellant reaction to the pointless deaths of the 17 high school kids at the hands of a madman. Both media and government … Continue reading

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A Roman observer would have had his choice of pithy comments suitable for describing the governance of our one time Golden State; the one I’ll pick for him is: “Quem deus vult perdere, demente prius.” That’s “Whom the gods would … Continue reading

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President Obama, Sherlock Holmes, a Dog and Irish Catholics (And U.S. Media)

Sherlock Holmes is no longer a world-renowned name, nor is his detective novel genre the mass market it was but there are still those who know what the dog did in the night-time. As Dr. Watson responded to Holmes’ question: … Continue reading

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Dog Bites Man Isn’t News; Girl Loves Dog, Is…

What do you think of a high level public school behavioral specialist who is being prosecuted for preferring sex with a dog to sex with her own species? For me, it’s pathetic, sad, darkly funny and of course, outrageous. For … Continue reading

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High School Girls, Boys and One Gay Legislator…

The difference between girls and boys, a playground for artists for centuries, has been laid to rest by the California Assembly. There isn’t any. The link: Girls & Boys will provide details, at least for the Land of Fruits and Nuts as … Continue reading

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New Jersey Students: Strange Doings In Black and White

Franklin High School, the White Girls’ Club and a boy suspended for his posts on the Internet are a peculiar stew, cooked up following a local newspaper’s story. White Girls Club will provide details.  Seems a boy was suspended for posting pictures … Continue reading

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Gleanings From the Current Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Question arising from Boston Bombs event at the Boston Marathon: We are told that these sorts of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) imported now from Iraq and Afghanistan are often triggered by using cell phones from a safe distance. Why are … Continue reading

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Three Fools On A School Bus…

Public schools and guns are not getting along very well these days. An Administration declares some school a gun-free zone and some jerk comes in and shoots a bunch of kids; can’t these guys read, for Pete’s sake? (Well, maybe … Continue reading

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Public Education’s Existence Threatened! (Well, the Unions, Anyway…)

A dire threat to the very existence of monolithic public education (and its teachers’s unions) has manifested in corrupt, comatose little New Mexico, where an epic tempest is forming in a U.S. political teacup. In the scheme of things, it’s … Continue reading

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Well, yes, the sky is falling–slowly–and we’re doomed but so long as you understand that, there are some sunnier events taking place, too. Sort of ‘in spite of everything’ events that naturally, are not news per the media generally, so … Continue reading

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