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Why Are We Surprised By Political Violenc?

While not rare in the preceding Judeo-Christian United States, violence against people was not thought acceptable; the culture embraced the Fifth Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.” That ended with the acceptance of killing inconvenient nascent babies at the behest of … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

This week’s survivors: Trump’s U.S. Navy fleet expansion boom at billions of dollars per ship … (Report)  (Federal obligations already exceed $800 ,000 per family.) The culture: A group beat and robbed an 80 year old man in the Bronx. … Continue reading

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A Few Questions Our Politicians Should Answer … (But We’ll Bet They Won’t)

Our proposed ‘representatives,’ if they are seriously intending upon representing us, owe us answers to a few existential questions so that we can vote intelligently. As they struggle ferociously to avoid all of the serious subjects … well, excepting Mr. … Continue reading

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What Is Seen To Matter, And What Is Not Seen To Matter … (In How We Are Governed)

The only poll that we put faith into, occurs tomorrow: Election Day. And we’re not sure we really believe that, but it’s what we’ll live with for awhile, so it matters. Courtesy of computers, we’ll know by tomorrow night who’s … Continue reading

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An Era Of Hollow Candidates For Our New, Virtual Political Reality

We’ve considered the President’s leadership, his sea change in earlier presidential style and we will finish with some thoughts on today’s candidate selection. We see a President who lives above it all in high style while his – dare we … Continue reading

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Why Does Prophecy on Human Affairs Always Seem Pessimistic?

The politicians–either party–promise us stuff they can’t possibly deliver, as we’re now seeing. The Dems provided Social Security and we’re now finding out it was always a scam. They gave us Medicare, too and the GOP added to it and … Continue reading

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