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Twins, certainly. Both represent frightened and fed up electors rejecting their own respective establishments. Both Roman Catholic Cardinals and American voters have pinned their hopes upon unlikely figures snatched from the sidelines in what amount to leaps of faith. A … Continue reading

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Another week’s worth: CNN guilty of fake news per court in Georgia? (Re[port)                (Yeah, who isn’t, these days?) Pope Francis said Muslim terrorism does not exist. (Report) Germay Chancellor Merkel said it too. (Does anyone know whether they shouted “Allahu … Continue reading

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A Pope, A Chancellor and Islam While Smoking

Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have both stated explicitly that Muslim terrorism does not exist. They aren’t crazy, just being dishonest in what appears to them a justifying cause. (We suppose, anyway.) They and many media sources peddle … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and Mr. Trump

First, recall that Francis is a Jesuit, albeit in Franciscan drag. Recall further that it has long been unwritten tradition that no Pope should ever be chosen from among the Jesuits. Nor has ever been in all the Church’s history … Continue reading

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The Greatest Show of All …

The Pope is in the United States denying that he is a left wing liberal politician while decrying global warming and in that English-speaking place, saying Mass in Spanish. President Obama dutifully invited him to the White House to meet … Continue reading

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Pope Francis, Cuba’s Castro And “Any Port In A Storm”

Western society, erstwhile “Christendom,” seems to be casting off religion. So too with Moslem nations and Israel. Generally following precepts of the political Left, Israelis and Christians are substituting Leftish governments for their previous God; Moslems appear to be in … Continue reading

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Comparisons: Do Moslems Behave Differently Than Did Nazis? (Does Anyone Else?)

We’ve been comparing. One comparison was Republicans versus Democrats. We noted that President Bush liked Middle Eastern wars, hiked up Medicare with prescriptions coverage and dealt with the financial crash by bailing out the banks with money he didn’t have … Continue reading

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Nobody Expected A Jesuit Pope … (A Very Scary Symbol)

The Latin American Cardinal who put on Franciscan simplicity over robes of Jesuit black seems a symbol of both an intent for Catholic renewal and of Catholic desperation. The Church is doing well in South America, but so is Protestantism. … Continue reading

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His Holiness Pope Francis Is Not A Blithering Idiot; He Just Sounds Like One Sometimes

“his Holiness Francis, Pope of all the Roman Catholics is a blithering idiot” was a tempting title for this but it would have been untrue. Francis, the Jesuit under the Franciscan clothing, is a highly educated, experienced and intelligent man. … Continue reading

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The Jesuit Pope In Franciscan Clothing Blows It Again!

His Holiness has unfortunately done it again, throwing the Roman Catholic Church behind socialism as a cure for human ills real and imagined. We know not how much this is the intention of the Pope and how much may be opportunism … Continue reading

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