What Is Seen To Matter, And What Is Not Seen To Matter … (In How We Are Governed)

'When I use a word,' said Humpty Dumpty rather scornfully, 'it means exactly what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.'

‘When I use a word,’ said Humpty Dumpty rather scornfully, ‘it means exactly what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.’

The only poll that we put faith into, occurs tomorrow: Election Day. And we’re not sure we really believe that, but it’s what we’ll live with for awhile, so it matters. Courtesy of computers, we’ll know by tomorrow night who’s going to run the Senate and a number of states. We’ll wait.

Meantime, we’ve noted that politicians on the Right, wishing to demonize someone, call him (or her or it) a ‘socialist.’ That seems the curse du jour for the Right. The Left likes to label opponents ‘racists’, ‘sexists’ etc. Generally, the Left seems more gifted with opprobrium than is the Right. On the other hand, what sort of folk would you prefer handling your money? (That’s what we though: So, why don’t you vote that way?)

Thinking about it for a bit, we decided that “socialist, Communist, Democrat etc.” are really just excuses for some particular group’s taking over for its own benefit. The Communists, Nazis and Fascists were all Lefty dictatorships. (calm down; “Nazi” was German slang for “National Socialist Party” believe it or not.) So was Cina, of course. And in Spaind, a Right wing dictator stood off the communists; his name was Franco. What we believe matters was, life under any of the above didn’t differ much.

We have decided that the “left” or “right” don’t matter; they’re camouflage. What matters, is where the power lies and for whom it is used. All the aforementioned were dictators, like Saddam Hussein was in Iraq until President Bush removed him. The people had no say, disagreement was at best, miserable and at worst, fatal. The state was sovereign and the people, chattels of the state.

The American Founders used a Constitution to set sovereignty in the people and the states, allowing only delegated authority to the ‘limited’ Federal government. They wanted no dictators who are inevitably, as they said repeatedly, tyrants. They also warned that only “eternal vigilance” could preserve what they conferred.  But we must admit, we haven’t exercised such vigilance and our government is no longer limited in fact, if the Constitution still operates in fancy.

So we waste effort worrying whether we are more or less socialist, or Communist, or much else. We have handed power to a few who use it for themselves; that is what matters. And we pay dearly for that and will yet pay more dearly if history is any judge. What folks call it matters not; where the power lies and what restraints, if any, lie upon it, are all. Worrying about labels like “socialism” is a blind alley, seems to us.

We note two observations: First, in the short run, limited governments such as envisaged by America’s Founders, appear to have presided over happier and wealthier people than have dictators. And in the long run, no form of human government has ever endured. (Excepting of course, the Roman Church.) Sort of …(Which is not quite a dictatorship.)


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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