The Newly Nuclear Landscape Isn’t Obama’s Fault (So Why Isn’t He Facing Up To It?)

Dr. StrangeloveTwo downplayed news stories set the scene: “Bibi warns Iran must not have nukes” is first; “Russia deploys more nukes than the US” is the second. Both report exactly what the headlines state.

Iranian presidents and religious dictators have repeatedly promised to obliterate Israel; President Putin is now (with little reporting) threatening nuclear war over interference with his restoration of the old Russian Empire by seizing his neighbors’ lands.

Given the degree to which both Arabs and Iran are pledged to the destruction of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s position is predictable. For Israel, it’s basic self-preservation. Another report details the stabbing of his sister (seven times, in the chest) for refusing to wear the hajib headscarf, by her brother. That’s not an unusual event, either.  Imagine what an anti-Semitic country might do if had had nukes? Particularly if it is already pledged to do it. so Bibi is understandable.

Putins’s waving his nukes is no less a mad dog act, irresponsible policy; he’s saying: “Give me what I want, or I’ll kill us all.” We all know that if we give him what he wants now, he will want more later … Adolf Hitler being the most recent proof of that. But if you refuse, you risk nuclear war. Welcome to your  Presidency, Mr. Obama!

That appears to be the world we’re now living in, though our media and our leaders are not presenting it to us honestly. Regardless, it’s still there. Interesting times, in the full Chinese sense.

President Obama seems to be downplaying the ‘nuke-prevention’ negotiations with Iran while he cozies up to them against ISIS. No few think he has given up preventing Iranian nukes; hence Bibi’s warning.

We don’t know. But we note that North Korea and Pakistan have nukes now and we wonder how poor Barack baby is supposed to prevent Iran from joining them if it seriously wishes to do that. Short of invading the place, can you think of a preventive that will work? If so, you’re sorely needed in Washington, seems to us.

And getting real for a moment, does anyone seriously suppose that Japan and South Korea are refraining from nuking up to face newly bellicose (and nuclear) China as the US recedes because it’s broke? If you believe that, we have a nice bridge for sale, in Brooklyn …

We haven’t faced up to it yet, but that’s the world we now inhabit. Prez Obama didn’t cause it and he can’t cure it; all he can do, is pretend. Hard to blame him; he isn’t used to dealing with reality. Nowadays in Washington, who is?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to The Newly Nuclear Landscape Isn’t Obama’s Fault (So Why Isn’t He Facing Up To It?)

  1. The downfall of liars – when they believe their own lies. Trouble is the large number of people they’ve fooled on the way. The monkey brain likes to live in a world of its own construction, but reality is not persuaded – as you have pointed out many times.

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