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The Greatest Show of All …

The Pope is in the United States denying that he is a left wing liberal politician while decrying global warming and in that English-speaking place, saying Mass in Spanish. President Obama dutifully invited him to the White House to meet … Continue reading

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Who Is Bluffing In Syria?

Russian military has moved into Syria. In chess terms, Putin has just said: “Check!” to Obama. (Again.) Our apologies, but there are six sides to he Syrian ‘civil war.’ We’ll label them for you (feel free to argue) thus: The … Continue reading

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Looking For Salvation (And Looking, And Looking …)

A seatmate on a recent flight was convinced that only government can solve Man’s problems for him. And of course, her and now we suppose, its as well. A common belief, these days. The experience raised some questions for us. … Continue reading

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Czar Vlad The First Puts The West In Check; The West Castles Its King …

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has bluffed and bullied his way into an ongoing recovery of the old Czarist Empire in an ongoing chess match with a declining West. Russia’s Vladimir Putin is grabbing Eastern Ukraine, his next big bite after … Continue reading

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