The Magician’s Assisstant Wriggles Her ISIS To Distract Us From Ukraine …

Looney TunesThe manufactured Ferguson ‘crisis’ having gone its appointed way, we are now bombarded with the ISIS crisis to replace it. We are glued to Arabs murdering Arabs for being insufficiently Moslem, a game played without cease for centuries in those parts, while we ignore the WW III nuclear holocaust potentially shaping up in Ukraine.

But ISIS are murdering brutes! How can we ignore that? True enough, but do you think the piles of dead Ukrainians you haven’t been told of, got that way gently?

More to the point, Russia is rattling its nuclear saber, threatening any who interrupt its invasion of Ukraine and any other neighbors. Putin is channeling 1939 Adolf Hitler, who demanded “Lebensraum,” his excuse for overrunning his neighbors. Britain’s Chamberlain returned from accepting Hitler’s demands saying that he had secured: “Peace in our time.” Yeah, we remember how peaceful WW II was.

Will Obama and the E.U. hand Putin his old Russian Empire back at the expense of the citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and the rest? Or will Europe, broke and essentially mostly disarmed, risk nuclear war to prevent that? You decide; we’ll see soon enough.

Stalin and his successors took Eastern Europe and kept going in Germany until they came up against the Berlin Wall, guarded by U.S. and allied troops. That’s not particularly Communist behavior; that’s historical Russian behavior. Putin is not channeling Communist Russia; he is channeling Mother Russia, appropriately enough characterized as a bear. President Obama, with “more flexibility after his reelection” strikes us as having made a deal with Russia. We admit considerable cynicism.

Ukraine already had a deal with Russia; if Ukraine would giver up its inherited Russian nukes, Russia would guarantee the integrity of its territory. Right … So now, Ukraine having given up its nukes, Russian is ignoring its pledge in order to grab some territory. And backing it with nuclear threats. But that’s not news, whereas nasty Arabs sawing off the heads of a couple of newsmen, is news.

Mario Draghi, the European version of recent Federal Reserve Chairman  Ben Bernanke, just announced that the European Central Bank is now following the Fed, printing funny money and suppressing interest rates in a rather hysterical attempt to head off the approaching collapse of world finances. He is thereby joining Japan … Rotsa ruck with that, Mr. Draghi!

Russia’s economy is already skidding, which may be a reason for Mr. Putin’s increasingly aggressive posture. If he can’t give Russians a decent living, he can distract them with reconstituting the old Russian Empire.

In any case, that seems a lot more important than the nastiness of one particular batch of Moslem thugs being mean to other benighted Moslems in Arabia, a situation that has gone on for some fourteen hundred years now and shows no prospects for ending. But the media know that Mr. Obama can use a few airstrikes and some (quiet) Special Forces to shut down ISIS while he has no such easy out with Russia, which is simply, revived now after a fashion, continuing where it left off with Stalin and his successors.

WWII followed the last Great Depression under world leaders who in essence, didn’t know what else to do when Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo were produced by the mess the politicians had created. Now we are replaying a new round of that same script with leaders no better equipped. to face the mess they in their turn have made. Leaders we have put in charge this time as our forebears did the last time. We haven’t changed either. So why should we expect any different results?

Several of our leading billionaires are now lined up betting on a stock market crash and we se (if we are looking) war shaping in the wings. As the ancient warning puts it: “Him who has ears to hear, let him hear …”

“That’s all, folks!”

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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