Two Maps And A Bunch Of Crooked Politicians …. (And That Ain’t All)

CorruptionTwo intriguing maps are telling indicators for the future but few are paying attention. One is a map of the best and worst places in the world in which to be born today. We doubt many will find it controversial. The other is a map of the most and least corrupt places on earth. That doesn’t surprise either. But these maps raise an issue we aren’t expecting …

Corruption is a defining difference among those maps; the worst places are also the most corrupt; the best places are the least corrupt. Duh, right? But consider for a moment: the least corrupt places are those of Christian tradition and particularly, places that experienced the Reformation. You can look it up; it’s interesting history. So the most honest places on earth are also the most successful and vice very much versa.

But if you look at the corruption map again, it’s notable that the U.S. isn’t as honest as neighboring Canada. That may be dismissed as an effect of recent immigration from less honest places. But more than that, it is an effect of the abandonment of Christian principles in favor of moral relativism. “You can keep your doctor” from a President who will deny he was lying — he will claim he was merely saying what was needed in order to accomplish an important good. He of course, decides that. There is no objective truth anymore in public discourse and many other places too.

It has been important for the Internal Revenue Service to be seen to treat all taxpayers fairly; that’s a basic good government standard needed to maintain public acceptance of a tax system. But Lois Lerner wrote IRS employees instructions not to mention what they were doing in any emails and her own emails strangely vanished when Congress asked to see them. Ex-Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans just entered upon his 10 year sentence for graft.  And local politicians almost everywhere are regularly reported under accusations and prosecutions. Nor is it only politicians; a recent report accused Google of misdirecting searchers for Dinesh D’Souza’s new conservative film: “America. It’s science, too; an academic technical journal “Vibration and Control” has just recalled 60 of its published peer reviewed articles as result of a”peer review fraud ring.” The most telling aspect of all this is the lack of significant public reaction; these things seem expected and tacitly at least, accepted.


The lesson of the two maps seems to us simple: If we wish to remain among the best places to live rather than join the worst, we must find some means for remaining among the least corrupt. We are abandoning the source of our honesty and we have so far, no replacement. There is a price for that.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Two Maps And A Bunch Of Crooked Politicians …. (And That Ain’t All)

  1. Astute observation. Could be viewed as the Sovietisation of Western culture. First premise – truth is relative. Final position – truth is what the govt says it is. Just as Orwell predicted.

  2. Oh, Amen!

    Kind of ironic, a few years ago somebody demanded to know where God was mentioned in the Bill of Rights, theorizing that God had nothing to do with our country, our freedoms. Well, He isn’t mentioned at all, but I sure notice that the more secular we become, the less we seem to have a Bill of Rights in the first place! In the recent past, there is not one single right that hasn’t been seriously trampled on. Odd how that works.

    I guess we still have 5th amendment rights…if you work for the government, that is, and Congress needs to ask you some questions.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Government seems to resent the possibility of any lawgiver but itself and a Supreme Lawgiver most of all … Man tends toward arrogance; give one a government title and he becomes absolutely arrogant.(apologies to Lord Acton).

      Lerner’s 5th Amendment rights so far, seem a convenient means for Congress to claim it has done something without actually doing anything. One may hope for more ……

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