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The Attorney General, Hillary’s E-Mails and Good Old Bill

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whose FBI minions are investigation Hillary Clinton’s alleged email fiasco, met privately with Bill Clinton but was caught at it. Yeah … Assume that you, a poor contract farmer of Lord Bill, were suing said Lord … Continue reading

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“Political Science” vs Politics (And Castles In The Air)

In college Poli Sci, we learned that a principle called “subsidiarity” required political authority to be placed as closely as possible to the affected folk. You wanted local police policy for instance, to be formed locally where the policymakers knew … Continue reading

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Do You Beoeve Your Media And Your Government Today?

In now unnewsworthy Ferguson, MO where Michael Brown, a young black man, was shot by police recently, we read today that, after a candlelight vigil for Brown, the new Brown Memorial burned and that was followed by a crowd invading, … Continue reading

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Two Maps And A Bunch Of Crooked Politicians …. (And That Ain’t All)

Two intriguing maps are telling indicators for the future but few are paying attention. One is a map of the best and worst places in the world in which to be born today. We doubt many will find it controversial. … Continue reading

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Americans Can’t Handle The Truth …

There was a time, remembered now mostly among the elderly, when you could, as the saying was then, take the word of the U.S. government to the bank. When the government was tempted to lie, the “fifth estate” as the … Continue reading

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How, Sans Foundation, Shall America Stand The Rising Winds?

The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte famously said that the people must have a religion, and the government must control it. France rid itself of the Emperor, courtesy of the Brits, Prussians and some others. Napoleon’s view of religion however, survived after … Continue reading

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Are Any Pro’s Left?

What’s happened to our English word: “professional”?.The Merriam-Webster dictionary offers: “b. engaged in one of the learned professions” which seems to exclude being paid for playing ball. “Professionals” once called up images of doctors, lawyers, public accountants and such, folk with … Continue reading

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Killing Newborns OK Per Medical Ethics Experts (A Newborn ‘Isn’t a Person’)

What think you of professionals in medical ethics who say killing a newborn (infanticide) should be regarded the same as abortion? The professional publication advocating the idea is reported Here and here. These authors favor killing unwanted babies as: “Post-birth abortions.” I … Continue reading

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