Does Our President Actually Care?

Does He Really Care?

Does He Really Care?

Criticizing our President has become popular among growing numbers of Democrats as well as the GOP. We have never met him and he has hidden most useful information from his pre-Presidential existence (if he actually existed back then) so we aren’t going to criticize the man. We will await the tell-all book from one of his daughters to do that. We are going to criticize his leadership.

We wish to be fair in this and so we point out that we disagree with many of his policies and methods. However, please note that we have not saved that up for Barack Obama; we have felt the same about more than one of his predecessors too. We aren’t put off because he’s black, because he isn’t. Given his white mother and half-Arab father, he is 3/4ths non black and 1/4tj black. If your parents included one German, would you think yourself German? The Prez is a typical American mixed breed. As we are, too though a different mix. Our ancestry includes by popular description when we were growing up: Limey, Mick, Kraut and Frog, which is to say: English, Irish, German and French. We and our President are typically mongrel-Americans.

We are criticizing rather his to our observation, almost absolute lack of leadership. And that is an important part, if only a part, of the job for which he ran so hard – twice – and spent so much of other people’s money. It is not that he seems a poor leader; it seems rather that he is constitutionally unable or unwilling to lead. Whatever we may think of them, he makes decisions. He gives orders. He picks people. And he makes speeches. Does he ever make speeches! We wonder sometimes if he’s being paid by the word. And are there many pictures of him with his mouth closed? But he never leads.  

He is a recession President; his style should reflect his awareness of people’s problems. Bill Clinton said he felt our pain … But His Highness is all: “Let them eat cake” with perpetual vacations at enormous expense, endless golf and constant travel with enormous retinues that soak up money by carloads.  We are suffering perpetual storm and he is playing the Sun King at our expense. And his White House lifestyle (when he’s there) recalls Versailles. That is not leadership; that is the sort of thing that led to Louis and Marie’s losing their heads.

Just now, the Prez is running about (at great expense) fundraising while mixing in enough public policy to seem plausible. Back at the ranch, Ukraine is burning, the Middle East is blazing, Israel is going after Gaza under a rain of Hamas rockets and the U.S. border is being noisily inundated by thousands of children with little education and dubious sanitation. And our Chief has a new vacation about to start. We expect that if WWIII were to start on his watch, he would first hear about it — if he heard of it at all — while on the 19th hole. The man simply is unable to see any connection between what he does or does not do and the American people’s perception of him and of is job.

King Louis was warned about living the high life at Versailles while the French were starving in the streets; he chose to ignore that; another example of failed leadership. President Obama did not create America’s economic problems; the inherited them from his predecessor. President Bush did not create them, either. Congress and a succession of Presidents have done that, empowered by the American voters that should have known better. There’s plenty of blame for our problems that does not fall to this President. But his leadership is all his … and it seems to be a vacuum. Regardless of what he says, he doesn’t seem to care.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Does Our President Actually Care?

  1. James Teague says:

    Cares about LGBT, photo ops except at the border, Tom Steyer’s $; not US.

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