Some Idle Questions While Standing In The Shower (Waiting For Soap To Rinse Off)

Standing in the showerSome questions came to mind while standing in the shower, waiting for the soap to rinse off  — prime thinking time. Maybe you know the answers, or some of them.

One question involves the southern border of the United States. That country, like most others, excludes foreigners who have not secured permission to enter; it maintains numerous border police and facilities to do that. They are generally successful at this and have been for decades.They work for the President of the U.S. Suddenly, we’re told that many thousands of central Americans have traversed the entire length of Mexico (some 2,000 miles) illegally overnight with no Mexicans noticing and overwhelmed the hapless border guards, most of these travelers being children. Those border guards have been ordered not to speak to any media. All this occurs just as the President wants Congress to pass an illegal alien amnesty bill that t voter polls show is very unpopular. The question: What parts of this do you believe?

Another question applies to Ukraine. The place has tried to link up with Europe for centuries, most recently when the Nazis invaded and Ukrainians welcomed them as deliverers. Europe has sent Ukraine back to Russia or at least, abandoned it to Russia for a long time. Russia is rebuilding its military with oil and gas sales, much of that to Europe. And Europe has shifted its spending to social programs, relying on the U.S. to defend it. But the U.e U.S. can no longer afford its own social programs, let alone its military. Ukraine’s new President wants to join NATO and NATO has just announced that it’s not taking new members just now. The question: How do you think this looks to Mr. Putin?

Then there’s Syria and Iraq. In both cases, Sunni Moslems are killing Shiite Moslems and vice-versa. Iran is Shiite and helps the Iraqi and Syrian governments. So does Russia.  The oil Arabs mostly help Sunnis. All this follows a decade of U.S. “investment” of lives and treasure in the region. And while the region sits on a lot of oil, so does the U.S. Question: How much more of your remaining money do you wish to “invest” in this?

Another concerns Central Africa, below the Sahara. Governments there tend to make the Middle East appear well governed. The U.S. has lots of troops, spies, contractors etc. all over this region with large bases in a couple of places. Question: Why?

Then there’s the financial question: Why do Americans continue electing politicians who year in and year out, maintain deficits? The past shows the failure of every place that has ever done that for too long; we see Greece, Argentina and others going under now. How do we continue ignoring reality? (Reality will not continue ignoring us .)

Finally, U.S. population grows and folks live longer while employment remains a problem. It’s no secret. The government can’t afford Social Security and Medicare (let alone Obamacare) at the current levels of taxation, but taxpayers are earning less. Question: How will our kids make a decent living?

Just a few idle questions that came up … be nice to know some answers, though.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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7 Responses to Some Idle Questions While Standing In The Shower (Waiting For Soap To Rinse Off)

  1. Asking the right questions is the key to finding the right answers, grasshopper. (sorry, about that, watching “Kung Fu, again). Your questions stimulate random thoughts along the lines of robber barons, the Norman invasion in England and the fleecing of an entire country by the worst kind of criminals, Google earth being the modern equivalent of the Domesday book, neo-feudalism and the feudal overlords who never left the original version. Have you ever noticed that behind any problem there is a person/s? And how often, historically and contemporarily the rulers are criminals and criminals are their natural allies, the ordinary, decent people just a kind of sandwich filling.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah; it seems to me that most who want power are the last who should have it. Also that the ability to be elected and the ability to do a decent job, are two separate and rarely joined abilities. And no, I see little learned since 1066 AD unless you count technology. I propose that the whole thing is built into our DNA. Gotta blame somebody, right?

      • “Built into our DNA” now there ‘s a thought. I have seen the theory that the Neanderthals lived at the same time as our antecedents, and we were the bad guys and won the struggle for survival. Also Genghis Khan’s genetic markers indicate descent in a huge number of people. And much of the aristocracy in England can trace their genetic lineage to the Normans and some seem to share the same mind-set. The bad-blood argument. Looks very plausible.

  2. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    This is why democracy works when it is given a chance as opposed to government by devious vested interests. Ordinary people look out for the welfare of everybody, they do common-sense. Oligarchs don’t.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Right on, which is why they are oligarchs, no? “Nice guys finish last” and all that. But our species keeps producing a standing percentage of oligarch-types, so they must be needed somehow …

  3. Pete says:

    These questions are some of the reasons I choose to live in the wilderness, where I only have to worry about bears crossing the ‘border’ on to my property, and I am the only one responsible for a budget to buy my food or medicine.

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