The Strange Battlefields of the Sex Wars

Yin and YangDisclosure: I’m a heterosexual male writing about a society composed of four and if you include ‘declines to state’ at least five differing sexual preferences. And just by stating that, there is little doubt that I have already offended somebody. My apologies; such is not my intention. I’m only in search of a little peace and quiet. With all the current commotion re ‘gay marriage’ and unisex bathrooms and “I was Mark but now, I’m Mabel” we seem to need some thought to replace emotional reactions, especially given that the players are using the government, a bull in anybody’s china shop, to make their cases.

I have no received wisdom to hand out; these are my opinions and you’re as entitled to different ones as I am to these. You will note though, that mine are explained here for all to see (and disagree) so if you wish to register dissent, kindly also explain your reasons as I have attempted here.

Historically, homosexuals threatened society by nullifying its reproduction and has frequently been anathema as a result. That has generally been a gut rather than rational, reaction. The Greeks, ultimate rationalists, were less reactive and so also have been others. A bottom line seems to me to be: homo/hetero or whatever, people are all homo sapiens, entitled to the same rights and subject to the same duties.  We sometimes seem to forget that.

It seems curious to me, but I have noted that gay males enjoy and befriend heterosexual females easily while lesbians tend to avoid or despise heterosexual and homosexual male companionship. I have no explanation for this, it is merely a result of my own limited experience. A gay couple of my friends lived in a highly homosexual part of a major city; their neighbors on one side were a lesbian couple; heterosexual newlyweds lived on the other. My friends were well acquainted with the newlyweds; the couple on the other side, remained strangers. The same seems to occur elsewhere. That is not research, but my friends claimed that it was fairly typical. I have noted that female gay bars, evinced very strong preferences for female accountants. Again, hardly scientific.

Another product of observation (and asking questions) is the notion that no homosexual folk have ever voluntarily chosen their condition. Whether they are a result of DNA or epigenetics remains unsettled.

Finally, history provides a constant supply of these statistical minorities as far back as it extends; many of history’s outstanding people being examples. Homosexuality is a standard part of the human condition.  And that is an established fact.

The ingrained antipathy of major religions toward homosexuality is a current social issue; the religions are losing that battle by general abandonment. The loss of religion is one that society may come to much regret, but it is occurring. That battle is handing the previously sacrosanct heterosexual marriage contract to homosexuals, thereby eviscerating it of any of its original meaning. This primarily indicates the devolution of the society.

Based upon these observations, religious objectors to private homosexuality have some rethinking to do since the evidence is now overwhelming that their Creator has provided such people, along with the rest of us. Taking refuge in ancient Scripture is a cop-out. The current abandonment of religion may ultimately, lead to a resolution of such difficulties; as religion is desperately needed by society, one has to hope.

We’ve reached a point where skin color is now (theoretically) recognized as irrelevant to human rights and duties. Sexuality is not different, from what I can see. The American Founders used a foundation of universal human rights to build the country, the only exception was the politics of slavery, that defined a black person as three fifths of a white one. We’ve fixed that. We’ve even given women and kids the vote. But we’re still hung up on sexuality. So, of course, are homosexual people, who are now reaching for ‘gay rights’ that don’t exist. That’s just normal human greed, grabbing for a larger slice of the pie of government goodies. Seems to me, what we need, is to dump the goodies for all.

If I have failed to offend anyone, please understand that it was not intentional; i must have overlooked you somehow. And feel free to point out my no doubt numerous errors…  If we don’t arrive at our own conclusions, our generous and caring government will no doubt, provide them on our behalf.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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