Syria Was Rehearsed At Benghazi…

State Department, On the Job!

State Department, On the Job!

These days, the largest, long-term Moslem terrorist enablers have been identified as Saudi money and Pakistani and Iranian politics. The first, arising from oil sales, finances teaching extreme Wahabi Islamism throughout the Moslem world and beyond. The second created and sustains the Taliban while the third is the sponsor of Lebanon’s Hizbullah and a strong ally of Syria’s Assad. Here we aren’t looking for nice people.

The Syrian civil war pits minority Shia Moslems (Alawites) who’ve been running the place against the majority Sunni Moslem ‘rebels’ who’ve been the ones run. They two don’t like each other.

Who cares about Syria? Syria has some oil and is a friend of (Shia) Iran, so the Gulf (Sunni) Arabs care and would like the Sunni majority in charge. Saudi money is said to be helping the rebels. And of course, Iran is helping Assad. Russia and China are supporters of Iran and so therefore, also of Assad. With them on one side and the U.S. and Europe on the other, the U.N. is paralyzed.

Why does President Obama care? I dunno, but various folk explain that:

  1. He needs distraction of the people from Benghazi, the NSA, the IRS and the lousy economy he has claimed he will fix after President Bush didn’t.
  2. The various contributions to politicians from the arms industry are shrinking as Iraq and Afghanistan wind down so the politicians need an excuse to keep military spending.
  3. Helping ‘rebels’ fits the Prez’ pattern of helping the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt (until that got too hot to continue).
  4. It sucks up to the Gulf Arabs and spits in the Iranian eye.

Secretary of State Kerry said today that: “This is not a game” when  it is exactly that, to all but Syrians. They will add American bomb deaths to rebel and government kills. Who listens to them?

The CIA boss has been hiding Benghazi survivors from Congressional investigators, whose bosses have been allowing that to happen. It seems that during the Benghazi attack, there were some 35 CIA agents there and some of them were injured too, but that was not reported.  The silence was to hide the fact that the CIA was smuggling guns to the Syrian rebels and that was why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi rather than at the embassy in Tripoli. Today, the CIA released the heretofore invisible witnesses to Congress with, one presumes, their mouths carefully sewn shut.

The need for the silence appears to relate to the provision, by the Hillary Clinton State Department, of some 400 Stinger missiles to the Syrian rebels. These ground-to-air weapons would trouble Syrian government warplanes that had been problematical for the rebels but could be used as well against any other aircraft. The ‘rebels’ include terrorists of various stripes, including al Qaeda. Apparently, someone figured out the risks of handing them such weapons and per the story, Ambassador Stevens was sent to buy them back. Apparently, the ‘rebels’ or whoever actually ended up with the missiles, didn’t cooperate.

Meanwhile, the U.S. had Special Forces in Libya, training and maybe, equipping Syrian rebels. Said rebels (or somebody) have been successfully raiding the weapon storage places and stealing those weapons. So during the time President Obama has been claiming “Hands off!” in Syria, his various minions have been tripping over each other, bumbling in the dark of U.S. media willful blindness and making his Secretary of State look bad. As all not presently enduring brain death know, the amateur hour has continued through Presidential announcements, into International Diplomacy, that our leader is now studying under the tutelage of Russia’s President Putin.

So now you know all about Syria and why our Nobel Peace Laureate wants to kill more Syrians with his bombs and missiles, though not with any “boots on the ground.” While we wait to discover what he is or isn’t going to do, we can enjoy his signature Obamacare, that he guaranteed to provide better care, cheaper, from the same providers we’ve had…

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2 Responses to Syria Was Rehearsed At Benghazi…

  1. James Teague says:

    Thank you for stringing together a number of disonnected dots into a coherent picture. Had not heard of the Libyan missiles handout or buyback or the CIA wounded.

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    I suppose that as many as possible not hearing of these, was the goal. Ceasar said of Cassius: “He thinks too much; such men are dangerous.”

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