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The Orlando Shooter, Moslems, Hypocritical Politicians and Irresponsible Voters

We suppose that the primary difference between the two U.S. political parties is their advertising. Not, please note, their reality. It’s only our opinion; feel free to differ. Per such ads, the Left is supposed to be compassionate, the Right, … Continue reading

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Why would a boy want to share the girls’ restrooms? We mean middle and high school boys here. Heterosexual (majority) boys out of curiosity and interest. Homosexual boys (minority) out of what? Fear, anxiety, psychological similarity? How do we expect … Continue reading

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New Brain Science May Bring Tinfoil Hats Into Fashion …

Whether some of the current reports are coming from brain science labs or from: “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” is becoming difficult to say for sure. Specific memories, we are now told, have been suppressed and reactivated in rats. Electrical … Continue reading

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The Strange Battlefields of the Sex Wars

Disclosure: I’m a heterosexual male writing about a society composed of four and if you include ‘declines to state’ at least five differing sexual preferences. And just by stating that, there is little doubt that I have already offended somebody. … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Boys…Or Will They?

Boys and girls at schools are readily identifiable visually and use different restrooms, at least in the U.S. Right? Once perhaps, but today…not so much. The linked report explains…well, not explains exactly, but tells…of the courts’s decision to force an … Continue reading

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Pope’s Minions Fire Apparently Upright Teacher Accused of Lesbian Preferences…

The Roman Catholic Church hasn’t been persecuted or had to fight on a substantial scale for a very long time in the Christian west. Perhaps that’s a reason for its appearing a bit rusty at such combat.  Its new Pope … Continue reading

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