The War On CA$H Proceeds … (Where You’re Not Looking)

War on CashOnce was, a ‘war’ was against Germany or more coldly, Russia. Now, we have wars on women, wars on minorities and wars on terror. “War” no longer means what it did. It has degenerated into yet another political tool.

A quietly expanding use of that tool proceeds in Sweden:

Sweden’s war on cash.

The attack proceeds in Greece and Switzerland as well, though to a more limited extent. The idea though, remains unchanged: eliminate the opponent. But rather than a political opponent, the enemy here is historical cash, the original foundation of economics. It is intended that cash will disappear. In Sweden, id nearly has done so already. (Follow the link.)

Why? Consider: Cash historically hidden under mattresses escapes taxation, right? It sustains black markets when the normal marketplace fails. Citizens may conduct whatever business they wish with it, while the government remains in ignorance. Citizens with accumulations of it cannot be shut down by governors. They can travel where and when they please, carrying their cash. They can buy and sell as they please, too. No one will know. In other words, it fosters independence in citizens.  How, if you were a government, do you suppose you would feel about that? Yeah.

However, Silicon Valley and the banking cartel have provided a means for addressing all that. Let everyone have a credit/debit card while outlawing cash. Brilliantly simple, right? Not only is all buying and selling under government control, but the government can help itself to a piece of everyone’s savings at need, as did Cyprus recently. When every transaction must be electronic to be legal, no wheel turns without government permission. Try, and become an instant criminal. Do and don’t as you are told or starve; what’s not to like if you are a governor?

Once you have acquired that degree of control, you might not have to pay so much attention to the polls, right?

And finally, government will be able to control the purchasing power of money without interference from an invisible but powerful ‘market.’  If the governors wish to steal our wealth with a 2.5% annual inflation rate, they will simply so program the computers.

Of course, it won;t work, for a multitude of reasons; human nature being the fundamental one. But a look at current spending deficits and resulting unsustainable debt should confirm that what we are doing now doesn’t work either.  A look back at history should likewise confirm that nothing that our species has ever done has worked for very long. And also that this marvelous new idea is merely an old one gussied up in new tech. If the clothes do not make the man, neither does the tech revalue the idea, when enduring human nature is its genesis. (Reality sucks!).

You may wish to keep an eye on this as it proceeds. Hard cash is a foundation stone for individual freedom, after all. As we will see when it disappears …

We’ll add a bet: The governments that proceed with this, will thereby destroy their own economies for lack of the ability to manage them. Political decisions cannot compare with the market, which is why all command economies failed. Simply: good politics are too often, bad economics. Selah!

And we have informed you in advance!


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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