Mr. Nye, the Political Science Guy, Says GOP Evolution Deniers Are Morons?

If You Don’t Believe What I Belive, You’re a Moron!

Are we the descendants of monkeys? Bill Nye, the ‘Science Guy’ on TV says any of us who doubt it are morons. ‘Science Guy’ Nye Belabors GOP re Evolution is the story. On the other hand, some say that accepting the opinion of a TV performer for important-to-life decisions marks one a moron. I leave your reaction to you.

On the other hand, I don’t let Mr. Nye make up my mind for me. He’s not impressed with religious faith, clearly, as many aren’t, these days. Ok, his right, but where does he get standing to classify any who disagree with him as morons? Back when the Left was liberal, Lefties used to hold tolerance highly; these days, it seems to be their way or the highway. That was “totalitarianism” when I was in school.

It becomes even more totalitarian when it lacks any rational, scientific basis as the evolution vs. creation debate irrefutably does. Mr. Nye’s position is rooted firmly in quicksand, which he as a presumed and at least, self-identified scientist, should realize. But evidently he doesn’t or won’t admit it; a choice between scientific incompetence or hypocrisy. Funded at PBS by taxpayer’s money.

First, I’m not a church member; my disagreement with Mr. Nye isn’t religious. He simply leaps from a tentative hypothesis to a forgone conclusion without pausing for any applicable facts. I thought that only climate scientists were allowed to do that…

There is no case in science where one species demonstrably  became another. Not a single one; NONE! It’s all hypothesis to cover what isn’t known. And there are lots of scientists who disagree or just throw up their hands.

The entire idea that some original blob of goo or soupy substance became living cells flies in the face of what we know of energy in living cells. (Google ATP). That forced the ‘primordial soup’ folks to graduate to sea-floor smokers but that’s no good, either.

Mr. Nye and his politically active funders obfuscate but never respond to the ultimate question: We have a universe that produced life: who dunnit? They say it just happened but they can’t explain what they say. How did it happen? They dunno. Big Bang, right? Well then, who was the Big Banger? They dunno. You’re supposed to accept their Bang as the whole story and agree there’s no creator. Or if you’re a believer, Creator.

That’s where Mr. Nye, the not-so-scientific guy falls short; he wants you to accept the effect without a cause just ’cause he says so. Naughty, Mr. Nye and not scientific!

To put it into inarguably scientific terms, here’s theoretical physicist Alexander Mayer as closey as I can recall: Hypothesizing a ‘Singularity’ at T = 0 as the start of everything is not an explanation. Nobody has refuted that to date, least of all, Mr. Nye.

Should Mr. Nye wish to be honest, he should respect those GOP folk who disagree with him and leave them alone or just explain why he disagrees. Instead, he joins the politicians in a name-calling attack unsupported by facts…and then claims to be a ‘Science Guy.’ If so, it must be Political Science… and he should admit it…if he wants to be honest.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Mr. Nye, the Political Science Guy, Says GOP Evolution Deniers Are Morons?

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