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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

From this week: Columbia: Deciding  whether to follow Venezuela’s socialist trail? (Report) Californians will choose between standard auto license plates or $700 little digital message boards (Report) Britain: Gov’t uses Soviet style disappearance to vanish pesky journalist (Report) Update: Embarrassing … Continue reading

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Existence, God, Evolution and Government (For Those Interested)

Philosophers, Scientists and Politicians are interesting, if rather different. The rest of us tend to blur their lines of demarcation, seems to us. The first are into Truth, the second, Reality and the third, into Power, often acquired by blurring … Continue reading

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Was Your Great, Great, Great Grandfather A Neanderthal?

You grew up with ‘evolution’ didn’t you? How homo australoppithecus became homo habilis who morphed into Neanderthals who eventually were replaced by us. That’s in all the textbooks, after all. . But it seemingly ain’t so, any more (http://www.icr.org/article/7843/). Some archaeologists … Continue reading

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Lamarck’s Zombie Stalks Science, Threatens Politicians…

Remember the old school-textbook illustration showing an ape following a crouching caveman following an upright modern man, intended to display evolution? It somehow remained in textbooks long after science obsoleted the idea behind it for an absolute lack of evidence. … Continue reading

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If the Designer Made a Perfect Universe, How Did a Sapient Monkey Get In?

Seems to me, most problems in the U.S. and most other places come down to the citizens. In America, we vote for the government we want; that makes us responsible for it. Yeah, they lie to us but voters have … Continue reading

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Mr. Nye, the Political Science Guy, Says GOP Evolution Deniers Are Morons?

Are we the descendants of monkeys? Bill Nye, the ‘Science Guy’ on TV says any of us who doubt it are morons. ‘Science Guy’ Nye Belabors GOP re Evolution is the story. On the other hand, some say that accepting the opinion … Continue reading

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