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North Korea is a bratty 12  Year old boy allowed by anti-social parents to play with guns because they like to scare the neighbors. The regime starves its people at gunpoint and is increasingly unsustainable in an age of satellite … Continue reading

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Test Question: Can A Non-Nuclear Turkey Afford A Nuclear Iran?

Sausi Arabia has already announced it intention to have nukes if Iran does so. At a guess, the Arabs won’t wait. But there’s another historic player that has not been heard from, one in which much change is occurring very … Continue reading

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President Barackack Obama: A Victim Of History?

In a way, one might feel sympathy for President Obama. He seems set up as History’s schlemiel, a rather dirty trick to have played upon the first (1/4th) black U.S. President. Appropriate enough though, from some other angles. His legal … Continue reading

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Israel Can Handle Enemies; Who Will Save It From Its ‘Friends?’

WWII Axis powers being big time anti Semites, the somewhat less anti-Semitic (and less public about it) victorious Allies magnanimously offered Europe’s remaining Jews their ancient homeland, recently liberated from the Turks. Neither Jews nor Moslems already in residence were … Continue reading

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GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … ( Politically Uncorrected)

Your compendium  follows, delayed a day by the widespread American compulsion to stop and eat a turkey in Thanksgiving on the last Thursday  of November. Many of us don’t particularly lie to eat turkey, but  the social compulsion is powerful.  … Continue reading

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