GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)

From the week”

The pandemic: Federal fund compensates vaccination injuries (Report)

 More pandemic: So far unused Federal fund ready to pay for COVID – 19 vaccination-related injuries (Article)

Still more pandemic: CDC vaccination safety for pregnancy unsupported by data? (Report)

U.S. employee retirement plans may be invested in politicized programs? (Report)

Afghanistan,Colombia and the drug problem: Update (Article)

Military readiness vs politics (Article)

The European Union is the means for destroying democracies in Europe? (Article)

U.S. government convicted and sentenced high school student for posting a student photo with: “Slave for Sale” (Report)

Los AAngeles: Entry into retail facilities requires proof of vaccination (Report)

President’s vaccination mandate excludes truckers? (Report)

U.S. Congress approved alcohol driver testing added to all new cars (Report)

The Pandemic: Vaccinations killing, injuring more than predicted? (Report)

More pandemic: Pfizer’s new COVID pill is virtually the same as Ivermectin? (Report)

Still more Pandemoc: Natural immunity vs vaccination update (Article)

General Motors: Cadillac drops 40% of dealers unwilling to invest in electric cars (Report)

Employment: North American employers rush to add robots (Report)

The economy: Conservative hedge fund folds; can’t cope with politicized economy (Report)

Somalia: Remains hopeless (Re[ort)

The pandemic: FDA documents show Pfizer added heart drug to children’s vaccine? (Report)

Education: Over 25% of college degrees show a negative return on investment? (Report)

More education: Facing failure by compromising public school student grading (Report)

Science: Intact 9th century Viking found in block of ice (Report)

The economy: Analysis of current inflation (Article) (Recommended)

Pennsylvania faking COVID numbers to hike Federal cash? (Report)

The pandemic: Hydrocychloroquin, Ivermectin (Both cheap) and Pfizer’s new magic pill ($72 each) act remarkably similarly? (Report)

Chicago: 10 dead, 40 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested lying in the grass in downtown Wausau (Report)

That’s all …

EDITORIAL:         A Conundrum of TRUST

Resolved: Human societies progress or regress proportionate to the degree of accepted societal trust.

Confidence in our foreknowledge of another’s behavior is the bedrock upon which stand marriage, commerce and government. When that confidence is diminished, our individual self-preservation reflex kicks in, restricting or even eliminating social behavior. It’s in our DMA. The exceptions present are statistically insignificant.

The folk who produced modernity were Indo-Europeans but it was not that, but rather their post-Roman, post-Renaissance, Reformed Judeo-Christian culture that propelled them ahead of the planetary colleagues. The emphasis upon individual trustworthiness, responsibility and ambition enhanced those qualities throughout the society, which forged ahead upon the behavioral high. But that energy has been spent, the motivating ideas largely abandoned and others are adopting the products those produced. Societal trust is receding as individual trustworthiness declines; government compulsion and dependency are advancing to replace it. Entitlement, dependency and distrust support stasis and impoverishment, not progress …

EDITOR’S QUESTION: What is the public interest that justifies vaccination mandates for a vaccine that

Neither prevents infection nor reduces contagion? Instead, the vaccine offers some reduction of disease severity in return for assumption of not inconsiderable adverse event risk, which seems a purely personal, legally protected interest, not a public one. What in this justifies compulsion? Further, where is a public interest justifying crippling the economy by firing the unvaccinated? That hurts everyone …              

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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