alfred_e-_neumannThe current collection:

How gasoline provides fewer miles per gallon now (Article)

Are cell phone towers dangerous to human life? (Article) (Damfino)

The culture: Washington is becoming the first state to allow using human remains as fertilizer (Report)

The economy: Coming U.S. tariff increase will raise prices of Chinese goods? (Article)

The U.S. eonomy: Fed fakes freedom, fake stock rally, fake free market, fake prosperity … (Article)

Technology: An Air Force laser downed several test missiles (Report)

More tech: Laser weapons not ready for prime time? (Article)

Universal basic income  doesn’t work, study finds (Report) (Duh!)

Immigration: More seasonal workers to be allowed U.S. entry (Report)

The church: A doctor known for assisting suicide was hired to run a hospice unit for a Catholic hospital? (Report)

Israel: Iran behind latest attacks from Gaza (Report)

Corruption: Evidence of U.S. government agencies election meddling (Report)

Turkey: President Erdogan forces rerun of election his party narrowly lost (Report)

China: Good news, bad news (Article)

The church: Retribution attempted against whistle-blowing seminarians (Report)

Australia: Chinese surveillance/control comes to Darwin? (Article)

San Francisco will ban cashless stores (Article)

Government employs almost 18 M people in the U.S. (Report)(Mostly overpaid, too)

Nigeria: Violence rising again (Article)

D is for dictatorship disguised as democracy (Article)

Argentina: Continues toward the drain (Report)

The church: A heretical Pope and Jesuits opposing U.S. plans in Venezuela? (Report)

Science: Antimatter behaves as both particle and wave, just like matter (Report)

Wikileaks: Government prosecution update (Report)

Science: New, recyclable plastic coming? (Report)

The culture: Hate incident reporting app developed for cell phones (Report) (And data base, too)

China: Inside government’s “Social Credit” citizen control system (Report)

U.S. Air Force updating F – 15s to supplement F – 35s (Report) (Era of manned fighters ending?)

Science: Breakthrough 3D printing replacement organs (Report)

Afghanistan: Forever war with Taliban, courtesy of Pakistan (Article)

Hawala: International banking you’re unaware of, for very special users (Article)

U.S. missile targets, kills only selected individuals? (Report)

Immigration: University of Minnesota offers scholarships to illegals? (Article)

Photography: A new camera can photograph you 28 miles away (Report)

Corruption: “Legal” car theft racket run by Chicago police? (Report)

Government: Macleod: “Modern democracies are little more than a sham” (Article) (Recommended!)

Chicago: 3 dead, at least 15 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

3 naked women were arrested after wild pursuit (Report)

Enough already …

EDITORIAL: How can constitutional democracy continue in a two-party system when one of those parties refuses to accept the result of election?


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