GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorredted)

alfred_e-_neumannFrom the week:

Global 5G wireless network rollout threatens weather forecasts? (Report)

 Healthcare: Canada’s version of “Medicare for All” executes thousands annually? (Article)

Los Angeles: Noticing its homeless dying (Article)

A white whale found wearing Russian harness raises questions (Report)

The economy: Why retirement is increasingly an illusion for nearly everyone (Article)

The culture: Your phone’s location is trackable even when off – and trackers abound (Article)

The forever wars: A peek behind the (corrupt) scenes … (Article)

Government: Another view of the recently jailed “Russian agent” (Article)

Is Wikileaks founder Julian Asange being prosecuted or persecuted? (Article)

Britain is now banning knives? (Article)

Philippines: China’s encroachment/Islamic  terrorism updates (Article)

GPS warfare: Jamming and spoofing (Article)

The culture: Study suggests sex on first date? (Report)

Russia has secretly installed nukes in Venezuela? (Report) (Per a GOP Congresman)

The economy: Shrinkage of middle class forces new strategies for fast food? (Report)

The war on cash: Update (Article)

Science: 160,000 year old human relative discovered (Report)

China: Tracks cell phones, cars, utility usage and more (Report) (In the U.S. Amazon/Google already know much about you)

The church: More controversial cardinals to be appointed in June? (Article)

Politics: Rep. Ocasio-Cortez impersonated (Video)

Sudan: Status of coup (Article)

Government: Warrantless airport searches of phones/laptops challenged in court (Article)

The climate: Sierra snowpack 188% of average (Report)

Immigration: Will new border procedure ease immigration court backlog? (Report)

“Medicare for all” price tag estimated by economist shocks (Re[ort)

Science: Faster, cheaper computer memory with new material … (Report)

More science: New material for much more efficient electronics (Report)

China: More details of the mass surveillance/suppression expanding from Sinkiang (Article)

North Korea: Losing the war on progress (Article)

Israel: Gaza renews rocket and bullet attacks across its border, drawing air strikes (Report)

Financial wars by U.S. on China, Russia explained? (Article)

Chicago: 6 killed, 21 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked man was arrested after trying to snatch baby, then jumping into lake (Report)

And these are all …


EDITORIAL: Is it just us, or have the U.S. government and the post-journalism media under Obama/Trump  turned Washington, D.C. into a propaganda circus to distract the voters while more important issues proceed in the background?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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