alfred_e-_neumannThe current week’s worth:

California: A lament, circa The Beach Boys … for the highest poverty rate in the U.S. (Article) (How much of the Golden State is just iron pyrites these days?)

More California: A new law diverts legal settlement funds from victims to benefit state instead? (Report)

The remote New Mexico solar observatory raided, evacuated and closed by the FBI remains closed and unexplained (Article) (Later explained as a child porn investigation, if we believe it)

Israel will lease its largest port to China? (Article) (U.S. Recessional …)

More Israel: The Trump Administration is freezing U.S. bank accounts of the Palestinians (PLO)? (Report)

San Francisco’s first cashierless store has opened (Report)

The war on the internet: The E.U.’s coming new copyright law may shut down much info sharing (Report)

Saudi Arabia pushes execution for 3 leading conservative clerics who oppose modernization policy? (Report)

Immigration court: A (quietly) revolving door for illegals? (Report)

Cell phone/internet warning system test postponed to October (Report)

Trump’s trade policy actually explained (and it’s perfect basic economics) (Article)

Science: The sort of advance needed to move out into the uniberse? Maybe (Report)

More science: A study says there is no evidence that cholesterol levels relate to heart disease? (Report)

Oops: Syria shot down a Russian plane during an airstrike on rebels (Report) Or maybe Russians, not Syria that downed the plane? (Article)

Government: Prez orders declassification of documents; Congressional Dems forbid, who’s in charge? (Report) (And what do the Dems want hidden?) Prez reverses himself (Report) (Shucks!)

 The U.S. culture: 67 million don’t speak English at home? (Report) (Anyone remember the “Tower of Babel?”)

North Korea: Denuclearization, a perennial illusion? (Article)

The war on the internet: A contentious Federal internet privacy law is gestating in Congress (Report)

China: Celebrities are targeted and punished for visibly immodest lives; every citizen is measured by a “social credit” score imposed by government, and treated accordingly. (Report) (Ought to appeal to the U.S. Left …)

Amazon is considering opening up to 3,000 cashierless stores by 2021 (Report)

Science: Breakthrough in battery tech – if it holds up? (Report)

Corruption: Documented on video, systemic rot in U.S. government displayed (Report)

The culture: A mother was arrested after impounding her teen daughter’s cellphone (Report)

Yellowstone: Thermal springs activity increasing (Report) (Lava growing under the supervolcano?)

New York City: A high performing local school district ordered to drop middle school scholastic entrance criteria in favor of diversity (Report) (Hmn – Formerly high performing, now)

Palestinians: Warned by U.S. of aid cut if financial rewards continue for murdering Israelis (Report)

Afghanistan: U.S. (Finally) pressuring Pakistan for supporting Taliban (Article)

Iran: Gunmen killed at least 25 at a military parade (It begins; regime change awaiting?) ISIS took credit but Iran blames U.S. (Report) (Later: Blame for Saudi Arabia)

Immigration: A Yale study found 25 M illegals living in U.S. (Report) (Double previous estimate)

Chicago: 2 dead, 17 wounded in weekend shootings (Report)

A naked woman was arrested with a sleeping child (Report)

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