ClownDncnThe earth’s most significant country was founded by serious men in a revolutionary experiment that has shaped human history; circa 2018, its government is running as farce. A Supreme Court nominee, an outstanding legal scholar with an impeccable judicial record,  is vilified by Congressfolk and media headlines because a woman finally noticed after some 30 years, that the nominee and some other juvenile were involved in groping her at an unspecified high school party, an event whose time, location and other details she is unable to remember. That is categorically denied by the nominee. The complainant is militant Democrat, the accused is nominated by a Republican President who has been publicly castigated by the accuser. There is no other evidence, there are no other witnesses and apparently, there are no other such incidents in the accused’s history. But this is presented as an insurmountable obstacle to the nominee’s confirmation. If we are to feel safe, we must hope that our generals are better selected.


Democratic Senator Schumer stated that he believes the woman.  Senator Hirono said that the woman must be believed.  Senator Harris said that she believes the accuser. Hilary Clinton stated that Kavanaugh’s accuser deserved the benefit of the doubt.   She does not seem willing to extend that same benefit to the nominee, however. Nor do the vocal feminists demanding acceptance of the accuser’s unsupported and vague attack because she is female need to recall Ilse Koch, Bonnie Parker and Ma Barker. Or perhaps the historic fact that the American Indians handed their most hated enemies to the women to be tortured to death. Whatever happened to the fair trial before the execution? The President has made a serious nomination for an important position; Congress is responding with farcical political theater very unlikely to staff the Supreme Court with competent, honest justices. The present process is a display of disrespect for the President, the Supreme Court, the nominee and for the country.


And whom are the producers of this farce? The prop, a revelatory letter from the accuser to Senator Feinstein, came from the Democrats. The howoing lynch mob is gleefully supplied by the media, who have apparently lost interest in presenting much news. And the Republicans? They are the functioning impresario: They provide the theater for the performance. With control of Congress, they can bote the nominee onto the Supreme Court or into the discard at any time they wish. They seem to be hoping that this farcical, juvenile distraction playing out will let them blame the Democrats for discarding Kavanaugh. If that is an accurate assessment, it suggests that the United States government is no longer in the hands of adults. Or even of honest children. Let us hope for the best.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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