GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannSelections from the week:

A second opinion after medical diagnosis produced a different conclusion 88% of the time, per a Mayo Clinic study. (Report) (Hmnn …)

Nicaragua: The government is encouraging expansion of Russian interests in the country. (Report)

Pizza will cost more as New regulations from Obama add requirements. (Report)

Syria: Was the nerve gas a U.S. cover job? (Article) Michael Savage: The radio host thinks so. (Report) A former CIA officer agrees.  (We don’t know but we have one question: Why would Assad use gas? Nothing to gain; much to lose, seems to us.) Putin: “Idlib was a false flag attack and we have learned that more are coming.” (Article)

Chicago: A father shot and killed his son over an argument about who would walk the dog. (Report)

The first U.K. to China freight train is departing. (Report) (A lot more significant than it sounds, economically and politically)

The culture: Anther shootup, in a San Bernardino elementary school. (Report)

North Korea: Background Update (Article) Add: N. Korea doesn’t test?

Robots are replacing half of a CHINESE firms’ workers. (Report) (If it’s happening in China too …)

Corruption: A secret slush fund in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (Report) (What fills the vauum left from expelling Christianity, maybe?)

New York: State and City colleges will become tuition free for students from families with incomes less than $!00,000. (Report) (Are we cynical predicting higher taxes and lower quality education?)

Retail: Bankruptcies proliferate. (Report) (The Obama recovery now seeks Trump)

Air Force Robot: An F-16 that flies and can take out a target by itself? (Report) (An awfully expensive drone replacement?)

China: Has threatened to bomb North Korea’s nuclear facilities? (Report)

Puerto Rico: Bankruptcy approaching (Report) (A precursor for U.S. cities, counties and pension plans?)

O’Reilly scandal: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly (the  “O’Reilly Factor”) may lose his show; sponsors are deserting over his womanizing accusations, though fans remain loyal. Note: His ex boss at Fox, Roger Ailes, went the same way, after the network’s takeover by the next generation of Murdochs who own it. (But Bill Clinton still rides high …)

The U.S. Attorney General has directed a return to enforcing immigration law against illegal aliens. (Report) (Now, will we see declining arrival statistics reported?)

California’s illusory pensions: Explained simply.(Article) (The scam isn’t limited to California)

Google is putting CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times in charge of its fact checking? (Report) (Foxes protecting hen coops?)

Alcoholism researche progress: Alcoholic rats brains differ from non-addicted rats.(Report)

Brazil: The political class is “in crisis” as some 100 are investigated for corruption. (Report) (Not even a good start!)

Most illegal immigrants overstay visa rather than swimming the Rio Grande. Enforcement follow up is notoriously lax.  (Report)

The culture: A decorated Navy Seal is moonlighting as a porn star? (Report)

Science: Hhypothesized dark matter bridges among galaxies have been demonstrated by a study. (Report)

 Economics: The great Japanese potato chip crisis (Report) (Supply and Demand in an internet age)

The culture: A decorated ex-Marine faces a 3 year prison sentence for visiting New Jersey with his legally owned gun? (Report)

More culture: When the Soviets abolished the family (Article) (Read of how free love and single moms worked when the Communists tried them)

The Obamacare Reality: One couple’s experience with Obamacare costs (Article)

Trump won’t micromanage his generals as Obama did? (Report)

Why science chose Western culture in which to flourish. (Opinion)

The Media: The First Lady’s visit to a home for abused girls went unreported? (Report)

How Obama became Bush and Trump is becoming Obama? (Opinion)

China: Pumped more debt to keep its economy afloat? (Report) (The world’s Potemkin economy)

Chicago: 7 dead, 28 wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked woman ran into oncoming traffic, assaulted an officer and was arrested. (Report)

And that’s about all we can bare …




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