GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

alfred_e-_neumannCollected for you since last week:

California police are arresting some 20% fewer drug criminals and more for violent crimes? (Report) (Sounds good to us …)

The culture: New security at Disney’s Magic Kingdom (Report)

Trump follows Obama absolving the Muslim Brotherhood of its terrorism? (Report)

Federal arrest and quarantine are now in force for suspicion of any of a list of diseases. (Report)

The Economy: What’s really going to happen, by President Reagan’s Budget Director. (Article)

The World Economy: Russia/China continue plan to bypass the U.S. dollar in world trade. (Report) (Will this reinforce gold?)

Battlefield control is devolving back to the military from the White House as Trump puts his generals back in charge after Obama’s micro-management? (Report)

Italy: Approaching financial collapse? (Opinion)

Venezuela: Though President Maduro stepped back from shuttering his legislature, he still acquired broad new powers from his “coup.”

The culture: A Swedish employer implants a chip in its employees. (Report) (You knew it would come)

The automakers: Are they headed back to government for another bailout? (Article) (To cover their mismanagement)

Syria: The Russian supported Syrian Assad regime for the first time in the civil war, fired at Israeli warplanes that were attacking Iranian weapons deliveries to Hezbollah for later use against Israel.

America’s divided government: How long will it hold together? (Article) (One observer’s analysis of U.S. political stresses)

A 15 foot python was captured by Everglades hunters. (Report)

Food production: A new revolution? (Report) (An artificial leaf creates cheap fertilizer)

The oft-criticized F-35 is unfit to fly? (Report) (An Air Force testing officer is critical)

Tesla is now America’s most valuable car company. (Report) (So why is it still government subsidized?)

Spain is using the U.K.’s Brexit to try a grab at Gibralter? (Report)

Retail: Ralph Lauren will close its Manhattan and some other stores, chop employees. (Report) (The little mentioned retail contraction continues)

Iraq: Mosul recapture from ISIL update (Article)

U.S. sky eyes at sea monitor shipping (Report)

Argentina: Recent president Fernandez and her two children were charged with crimes. (Report)

U.S. Housing: Should government subsidies continue or should banks take over? (Report)

Physics: Heisenberg is becoming a tad less uncertain (Report)

Why Russia is so demonized (Article) (Hint: It’s more international finance than election hacks)

U.S. Health Care Spending: More than any other developed country, with less to show for it. (Article)

A new desalinization sieve promises cheaper, more abundant drinking water. (Report)

Trump’s new border/customs boss is an open borders Obama holdover? (Report) (The border agents aren’[t happy)

Auditor’s report: Large discrepancies in Federal accounting (Report)

Internet: U.K. pushes more punitive censorship mandates for You Tube (and others) (Report)

Syria: Per retired Congressman Ron Paul, there’s a zero chance Assad’s regime used gas recently. It was a false flag game. (Article) The U.S. attacked the besieged Syrian government with cruise missiles (Report) The U.S. reportedly planned in 2013 to make a gas attack in Syria and blame it on Assad. (Report) ((s anyone believable anymore?) Senator Rand Paul: “Another unconstitutional rush to war” (Report)  Another view (From the Washington Standard)

Syria: General update (Long Article)

Pensions: Democrats urge removal of pension protections?

Robot lawn mowers are available. (Report)

Roadside rest stops are vanishing as more states close them. (Report)

A Girls’ high school track accepted a boy who identities as a girl. (Report) (Title IX money now funds boys?)

The War on Cash: Explained by the International Monetary Fund ((MF) (Article) (A view of the near future?

Compassionate government spending truthfully explained in honest, if jaundiced terms. (Article)

Internal Revenue Service: More evidence of illegal blockage of conservative applications for tax exempt status. (Report)

Chicago: 7dead, 17  wounded in weekend shootings. (Report)

A naked Bostonian tried to rape a woman in a Las Vegas spa’s women’s restroom. (Report)

And that’s how it was …

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