Putin + Obama = Syria + Iran?

Putin ObamaRussia’s President met America’s President in New York, following which h the Russian upped his Syrian adventure and began bombing the non-ISIS rebels that the U.S. has been supporting. Nary a peep from Washington. What does this tell us, given that the media are avoiding intelligent explanation?

In short, it tells us that Russia and the U.S. are replacing the post WWI division of the Middle East with a new one of their own, or so we think.

Before the Bushes and Obama, Shiite Iraq was ruled by Sunnis. Sunni Syria was ruled by (sort of) Shiites. Result: Syria was a client state for Shiite Iran and Iraq lined up with the Sunni Gulf Arabs. But in his wisdom Bush pere invaded Iraq and turned it over to the Shiites, dispossessing the Sunnis who, in dudgeon, went on to be ISIS.

In Syria, an Arab Spring rebellion arose into civil war to remove its dictator Bashar Assad. The idea was to, as in Iraq, provide majority rule but this time, Sunni. That would have deprived Iran of its client and reinforced the Arabs.

Sunni ISIS piled in from Iraq to attack both the minority (Shiite) government but also the domestic rebels, who were not seeking religious government.

Into this three-way civil war came Shiite Hezbollah, another Iranian client, from Lebanon to support the government, plus the U.S. to attack ISIS. The numbers of dead and fleeing Syrians is now in the millions.

Got that?

Iran and its Hezbollah Shiite supporters weren’t doing so well, so its ally Russia moved in its military to support the Assad government in order to keep Syria in Iran’s orbit.

Immediately, President Putin met with President Obama in New York, followed at once by Russian air strikes in Syria on … not ISIS, but upon the Syrian rebels who had started it all by attempting to dump Iran’s boy Assad. Seems simple, no?

Russia, an Iranian ally, is helping keep Syria under the Iranian thumb, where the post WWI Brits left it. Prez Obama, who just closed a deal to provide Iran’s nukes, seems ok with that. What else did he and Putin discus? Ukraine? That’s off the news for now, we aren’t allowed to hear about it. That’s likely a deal too, seems to us. But what do we now?

So Syria will stay in Iran’s clutches while Obama washes his hands since Putin will take the rap. That leaves Iraq; will our Prez let ISIS restore Sunni rule there?

No, majority Iraq Shiites are in play, coveted by Shiite Iran. Prez Obama may be ok with detaching Iraq from the Sunni Arabs but the Iraqi Shiites don’t trust their Iranian neighbors. The Iraqis are Arabs, the Iranians are not. And that is one of the reasons ISIS hasn’t foundered yet; it stands against Iran.

Oh, that Shiite and Sunni business? Two versions of Islam that can’t stand one another.

That’s how it seems to us; let us know any time you would like more simple clarification …

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