Another Murderous Nutcase Ignored?

The Fearsome Assault Rifle

The Fearsome Assault Rifle

As this is written, the media (We will not call them ‘News’.) are battening upon the murders committed by a lone gunman at an Oregon community college. The breathless – and witless – conversations have proceeded for over an hour, interrupted by President Obama who first sorrowed and then launched into his standard anti-gun pitch. (Never let a good crisis go to waste.)

The event is done. The shooter is dead, shot by police. The victims are dead or hospitalized. It occurred in school; everyone was known. But the government will not allow any details to be published for 36 to 48 hours. Why? No one asks. But also, no one publishes until government permits. That’s quite a change from the days when the media were journalists.

In those days, journalists called themselves the “fifth estate” (From the French Estates General of the French Revolution) and took pride in arousing fear in those who governed us. Now, they seem to work for them.

Cynics tell us that the shooter’s story is withheld because he may be a Moslem  and the government doesn’t want that out until it has decided how to spin it. We have no idea, but find that believable. And also, pathetic.

Lefty politicos like our Prez want to spin this tragedy of dead young Americans to further their push to disarm the citizens. On the Right, it carries two tales: One to arm us all to defend ourselves and the other to fear Moslems.

That’s the spin. Out in the real world, we hear that while the U.S. has more guns than anybody else, it is quite a way down the list of gun murders. With the number of agendas being served these days, we hardly know.

We see most of this as distraction. Politicians love distraction. It’s a lot easier than solving problems like Putin doing in Syria what you wanted to do but lacked the nerve.

One problem: The U.S. has too many nutcases wandering around refusing to take their meds. We once locked them up, then decided that cost too much. Instead of facing the result of that political decision, we want to deflect the discussion onto guns. Peasants in the old days were denied swords, on pain of death. Now, they want to deny guns. Why? Because an armed citizenry makes governments nervous. Which is why U.S. Founders passed the 2nd Amendment to assure us guns. No other reason. Our Founders wanted no American government to lose fear of American citizens.  Their writings make it very clear. You never saw those writings in school, though.

To this, add that we have learned from research that some nutcase meds are turning out to lead to murderous behavior. Given the amount of money tied up in some of these meds, some very influential types don’t want that published.  So far, politicians aren’t recognizing it (they need those donations). But it’s getting out.

But as the carny barker said: “That ain’t all!” The Moslem terrorists fringe has discovered the internet; it is recruiting susceptible young men world wide to go on ‘Jihad’ where they live, killing as many non-Moslems as possible. They will be martyrs earning those 70 – odd virgins in the hereafter. Yeah. And increasing numbers of nutcases are biting. Of course. Get used to it.

We have abandoned Christianity and Judaism in the West in favor of government. Government hands out money, God usually hasn’t. He has left it to us to find for ourselves. But that’s hard work! Voting for God has a less immediate payoff than voting for a politician.

Given all this, imagine what the scene will seem when armed drones are more available … We know little of the future but this: It seems unlikely to be dull.


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3 Responses to Another Murderous Nutcase Ignored?

  1. Michael says:

    1984 is just 40 years ahead of it’s time

  2. atimetoshare says:

    I couldn’t agree more. The POTUS was right in one statement though. He said we have become numb to this kind of behavior. I think our nation has become numb to anything sinful. To many sin is just made up to scare us. Sin is real and running rampant in the US, but it has been glazed over.

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