The Politics of American Ignorance (What You Don’t Know, Can’t Hurt Me)

Louis XIV, King of France

Louis XIV, King of France

The State of New Mexico possessed among the lowest high school graduation rates in the U.S, a scandal. Never mind, the Democrats who control the legislature and the Republican Governor agreed upon the solution: They reduced the graduation requirements. The rates duly rose a bit. If you can’t (or won’t) move the ball, move the goal posts, right? If you are the government, anyway.

The gaping leak in this control system has been private, Catholic and home schools; that is now being plugged with Common Core, the centralized government curriculum that guarantees kids everywhere in these United States will learn exactly the same, government-provided material … and that coming Internet education will not provide any competition for that relentless uniformity.

America’s public education has moved in this direction since the Progressive educators took control in the 1920’s, frankly admitting then that their purpose was producing useful conformists, not troublesome thinkers. In this twenty-first century, with a disappearing middle class and declining labor opportunity, over-qualified citizens are even less wanted. A handful of prep schools and the Ivy league can provide some leaders, the job of the rest is to provide followers. That is why, no matter the complaints, the politicians of neither party have changed the schools.

Blacks are the shock troops of the moment as the Obama Administration implicitly legitimizes looting and burning as appropriate responses to what appear upon examination to be perfectly proper police actions demonized by accusations, unsupported by evidence, of ‘racism.’ Black shock troops are well prepared by antipathy toward education and attainment, reinforced by politicians offering victimhood and government-conferred “entitlements” instead. Al Sharpton’s recent White House attendance is noted.

The literary author of the American Dream was Horatio Alger: His famously rags-to-riches by devoted effort stories celebrated the achievements attained by ones’ own work and intelligence. Nothing in this remarked or relied upon pigmentation but blacks have dropped it for dependency, complaining the while of their resulting poverty. And they faithfully obey their political masters, their level of ignorance providing them as willing tools of the politicians who have sold them their bill of goods.

Black folk are the ironic model for public education’s target, to produce masses ready to follow their route as the unthinking, obedient proletarians our elites see as the future, where machines will replace people and America and Europe will become economically competitive again by reducing their wealth, thereby equalizing labor value around the planet. You have too much, see? So I’m going to take half of it and give  it to your poorer neighbors, thus equalizing things for everyone. Well, except me, of course, I’ll keep enough of what I take to remain wealthy …

As all Progressive dreams, this is utopian and unworkable in reality but effective and appealing politically. The plight of American blacks is proof enough of that. So the government proceeds to devalue the currency, raise the costs of energy and dilute the value of labor with cheap migrant competition while dumbing down the schools and grabbing control of all education.

The technology but not the system, is new. The same approach was used in ancient Greece in a city called: Sparta. The Nazis applied it as did the Soviet and Chinese communists and others along the way. It has never lasted and never provided what it promised, which is the reason for its failure to last. But for a while, as Lincoln was reported to have said: “You can fool all of the people some of the time.” And those are good years for the politicians who sell the system. They know as did Frane’s King Louis XIV, that there will be an end. And with Louis, they shrug and say: “Apres moi, le deluge!”

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  1. Or – We are all mushrooms …

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