Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry ObamaAgain, we offer snippets of world events for your consideration; we will not tell you how to think, though our feelings may shine through sometimes. These are simply, signposts along the road we’re traveling.

Cops are our introductory subject; this first batch being officers who needed a stun gun to deal with a disabled man who had refused to sit down on a bus. Next is a California officer who apparently resented being called a ‘bitch’ by a homeless man; she immediately shot him in the chest.  We complete our police scanning with a view of 75 officers firing 137 shots at an unarmed couple sitting in their car in a school parking lot, killing them both with over two dozen bullets each after they had tried to evade a pullover. I suppose all these can be relied upon to be more obedient to police ah, ‘instructions’ in the future… or at least, their survivors should.

While on law enforcement, we note that apparently, the FBI can eavesdrop by activating the microphones in telephones, remotely. I guess that’s easier than burgling your place to plant hidden mikes. The same seems to apply to ‘smart’ TV’s, computers and anything else with a mike or camera that is connected to the Internet. We’re assured that these will never happen without court orders… and in closing our segment on American law enforcement, that same FBI is demanding that internet providers embed government snoop software in all their servers, allowing the government to listen and look in when and where they p;ease. The compassionate, friendly government must be building its very own social network, right?

The scoop-hungry newshawks of the major media ignored death and violence nearly everywhere to – breathlessly – inform us recently that Zimmerman had been pulled over in Texas while speeding, and (gasp) he had a gun in his car! Personally, if I were in George Z’s place, I think I might be driving an Abrams tank, complete with cannon and machine guns pointing in every direction.

If you’re being laid off, it’s evidently nicer when you’re a union member who’s been laboring at Boeing. A bunch of them are receiving a fat going-away present, courtesy of the Federal government, which is to say, from you and I. Now, why do you suppose that doesn’t happen equally for the rest of us?

Our Obamacare question today is: Now that Congressfolk and staff are relieved of 75% of the cost of their coverage via taxpayer generosity, who will pay that same portion of yours? I leave you to guess that, along with the source of the remaining 25%.

Chicago has been extraordinarily peaceful; Not only has local shooting only killed one and injured 13, almost too few to talk about, but the Teamsters’ Union has been told by a judge to stop picketing and harassing funerals in its campaign against funeral homes. Is the Godfather Emanuel becoming soft as he ages?

Perhaps you heard that Giggles is dead. The fawn was rescued and delivered to the Wisconsin private shelter; it was to be transferred shortly to a state shelter where such critters are usual. Not soon enough though; the local heat heard from a snitch that Giggles was a guest of the shelter, which is illegal. So a SWAT team was sent to more or less –more, apparently- invade the peaceful place and kill Giggles. Task accomplished; the citizens of the state are safe once again…

Federal efficiency or maybe, judgment, is featured in this story about awarding U.S. government contracts in Afghanistan… to contractors who support the terrorists. I’m sure there must have been a very good political reason, don’t you think? It’s a lot easier to understand how the Department of Agriculture paid millions in benefits to dead farmers... the farmers were likely, still voting…

In Baltimore, 10 black teens severely beat a man walking home from work in the city’s Little Italy district. I can hardly wait until the President gets up to speak about it…

You need to know the real good your generous Federal food stamp program is doing…in the Dominican Republic. U.S. beneficiaries with relatives or friends in that country simply pay for food with their Federal benefits, pack it in nice, pretty blue barrels and ship it down to those friends and relatives in the Republic. There, it’s unpacked and sold on the black market. Your tax dollars at work, making people everywhere, happy!

Finally, something from California aimed at reducing future welfare costs, is the state awakening? You may decide; The story describes some 150 female prisoners there, sterilized by some doctors, all on their own without the state’s knowledge. Citizens with initiative!

There you have it; events which help define the times in which we live. I invite your conclusions…  as soon as I’ve left on vacation…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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