The Many Faces Of Actor Matt Damon…



There’s no shortage of hypocrisy on the Right and it should be admitted but there is something about the sanctimonious Left that no Right wingnut can match. Today provided an example, full brass band and flags flying and entirely too blatant to overlook.

One of the foibles of the Leftworthy is to hold up prominent thespians to opine, as if playing parts in movies, on TV or the stage made one an irrefutable sage. Personally, while some actors deserve respect on thoughtful matters, far too many seem to me, qualified to offer their cerebrums for experiments in vacuo, all content having long ago vanished into a mirror somewhere.

One such has just blundered into his own reality trap: a ‘public school activist’ name of Matt Damon. He has gone about, visibly and audibly extolling the wonderful benefits of public education for everybody’s kids. Ok, he’s entitled to his views, no matter how myopic. We can’t all expect to see well; that would deprive the entire slate of lens makers and fitters of their rights to government and insurance subsidies, wouldn’t it?

But Mr. Damon could at least, send his kids to the schools he worships, and he has just enrolled all four girls into Los Angeles private – very private – schools on moving there from New York. He evidently was questioned by an intrepid interviewer because he explained that; “Public schools aren’t Progressive enough” if the report has it right. Or puts it correctly, I should probably say.

Per the story, Mr. Damon had the grace to feel a moral challenge in this, but of course, he resolved that as the Lefties tend to do, in favor of: “Do what I say, not what I do.” As said above, the Right isn’t free of this very human failing but it seems to me, seldom wears a halo while practicing it. L.A. schools insufficiently Progressive? I guess the Pope then, is insufficiently Catholic…

Really, I applaud Mr. Damon’s decision; he’s evidently putting his kids’ welfare ahead of his publicly stated principles. i’ll grant him an Oscar for fatherhood, but I hope he’ll have the grace to shut up from now on about public education. If he’d said that a celebrity’s kids aren’t safe enough in a public school, he’d have maybe, had a point.

I remind Mr. Damon: Confucius say halo have only to slip six inches to become noose…” Learn enough from this, Mr. Damon, to stick to acting. For that, you don’t have to know what the script has you talking about. (And maybe, comb your hair?)

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