The Ultimate Equality Is Death…

The new Left/Feminist push to put women into combat in the name of equality is just one more case where my sub-par intelligence cannot follow the superior intellectual processes of Lefty thought. Of course, one gets used to that…

The ACLU is suing the Defense Department to rescind its ban on females in combat. It’s unfair discrimination, per the lawsuit; combat has changed and the rationale for excluding the gals is now just male sexist piggishness. Four evidently undiagnosed PTSD military females have lent their names to the suit. Until this, I had reluctantly granted that women are in fact, more realistic than my side; now though…

To begin with, women are in combat and getting blown up and mangled to their heart’s content in so-called ‘support’ roles that still put them in harm’s way. If the chance to embrace a roadside explosion is what they want, it’s already theirs. From the lawsuit, they want to be classified as combat infantry and such, a designation unfairly denied so far. The ACLU doesn’t seem to notice that the denial also prevents them from carrying some 60 – 100 pounds of gear around the battlefield while they fight.  The men have trouble with that weight… And while the ACLU seems to see combat as now a matter of riding around and pushing buttons, there is still hand-to-hand conflict on occasion and rather a lot of digging, moving heavy objects and so on. Combat is often much more plain, physical labor than most who haven’t been there appreciate.

But those are arguments on the Left’s chosen battlefield, where it’s forces have placed their booby traps. There is a whole, hard-to-defend soft point no one is supposed to bring up that is duly ignored by the media propagandists. No, not the female size/strength thing; that’s supposedly discounted by that button-pushing hokum. It is the original, traditional set of facts that has historically led all societies toward male-only war and no, it’s not sexism. If it were sexism, the superior males would have sent their inferior females out to fight and die, right? But the dumb brutes did the opposite…

Because simple biology demands it. One man can fertilize many women in a short time, thus protecting the future of the species. This may annoy one or more of those females, but there it is. From the other direction, one woman can only make one baby with nine months’ effort. Obviously, our species can afford to lose many males before it can afford the loss of a female. That’s how we’re designed, or how we happened to come out if you prefer. Either way, it’s simple fact. Men and women just aren’t equal–we’re different. And have differing responsibilities on account of that.

But the ACLU, the Feminists (who seem to prefer dead women to live ones) don’t wish to hear that; facts confuse them. I’ve no clue how many of the ACLU lawyers are female but if they win their case, would you like to wager on how many of them will rush to enjoy their new ‘rights’ by enlisting? Oh, yeah…Japan, Europe, Australia and the U.S. are looking at unfavorable fertility rates these days, right? A great time to up female mortality…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to The Ultimate Equality Is Death…

  1. the unit says:

    Never occurred to me…one woman, nine month cycle, …one man, er at least once a day. I guess if one wants to dominate earth, the idea of more than one wife makes sense. I don’t want to dominate the earth… heck, to late for me, kids grown and nobody home to cut the grass.

    • jackcurtis says:

      Yeah, well…it also seems to tie into men dying off faster than women. We’re ignoring biology sending the girls to war. But I suppose without wars to kill off some of the randy teenagers, we’d resurrect Thomas Malthus from the population pressure on resources. Oh, forgot for a moment: We’re doing that!

      Mein Grossvater: Old, too soon; schmart, too late!

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